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Q. Cost of 2 adults for Singapore trip for 5 days?

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Q. I want tour packages for Thailand, Bali and Singapore

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Q. Nearest city to Singapore airport?

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Q. Is there any tourist bus for visiting city?

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Q. Singapore trip 4 days 3 night package.

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Q. Thailand trip 4 days, 3 night package.

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Ken Chiramel 2 years ago
A melting pot of cultures from around the world, Singapore has long been heralded as a utopian blend of technology and culture. Having its foundational roots in the British empire, Singapore has flourished into one the most economically advanced countries in the world. A smorgasbord of culinary experiences that draws influence from Indian, Chinese, Malay, and European heritage, Singapore?s food scene is bustling. From food courts where people can have meals for less that SGD 2 to the most lavish Michelin-starred restaurants, there is something to ensure nobody goes hungry there. With a vibrant nightlife that thrives along the Clarke Quay river, revellers can party long into the night. Sentosa beach offers lazy days by the sea and the thrill of water park rides as well. Gardens by the Bay is an artificial garden right in the CBD area of Singapore that has towering man-made trees, called Supertrees, that measure up to 50 m in height, and looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. Spread out over a sprawling 101 acres, it also includes the world?s largest indoor waterfall.
Justin 99M 2 years ago
Be it the education system or the Merlion figure head that drew you to Singapore, you'll agree that Singapore is a fine and expensive city. With plush roads, clean environment, and hardworking people; I loved taking a shot at Jurong bird park and Gardens by the bay. Be careful not to litter! These are 2 reasons why Singapore is called a 'fine' city.
Joysurjya Hagjer 2 years ago
I visited Singapore in 2008. Back then this tiny island nation was still growing in terms of population and area. The thing I will always cherish about Singapore is its people. It is harder to find a nicer and more friendlier country than this one. Our guide, the hotel staff and even the taxi and bus drivers were so warm and polite all the time. They are always ready for a conversation when you need one. This city nation is an amalgamation of different cultures. It was heartwarming to see people from various communities living harmoniously with each other. Apart from the people, I really enjoyed the night safari and the various attractions and events at Sentosa Island. I will always remember the water laser show at Sentosa Island as it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Do take care to not litter!! The city is kept very clean under strict rules. Chewing gums are not allowed and any sort of careless dirtying is heavy imposable.
Anam Shaikh 2 years ago
Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, affluent city with a medley of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and a tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and vibrant night-life scene, Singapore makes a great stopover or springboard into the region. It can be visited all-year round, but summer is a good time to visit. Unlike many other densely populated countries, Singapore - with more than 50% of its area covered by greenery and with over 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves - is an enchanting garden city. Visit the Riverside, Singapore's colonial core, with museums, statues and theatres, not to mention restaurants, bars and clubs. Orchard Road has miles and miles of shopping malls. Gardens By The Bay, Singapore's 21st-century botanic garden is a 101-hectare fantasy land of space-age bio-domes, high-tech Supertrees and whimsical sculptures. The Flower Dome replicates the dry Mediterranean climates found across the world, while the even more astounding Cloud Forest is a tropical montane affair, complete with waterfall. Connecting two of the Supertrees is the OCBC Skyway, with knockout views of the gardens, city and South China Sea. At 7.45pm and 8.45pm, the Supertrees twinkle and glow for the spectacular Garden Rhapsody show. The Night Safari is totally worth it as you can see most of the animals like tigers and flamingos in their natural habitat. Also visit Universal Studios which has Madame Tussaud?s Wax Museum. However, Singapore is called a ?Fine? city. You could be fined for littering, jay-walking, spitting, eating and drinking on public transport, or even chewing gum in public. The climate is hot and humid, so carry clothes suited for this temperature.
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
Be it the education system or the Merlion figure head that drew you to Singapore, you'll agree that Singapore is a fine and expensive city. With plush roads, clean environment, and hardworking people; I loved taking a shot at Jurong bird park and Gardens by the bay. Be careful not to litter! There's are 2 reasons Singapore is called a 'fine' city.
abhijit sreepada 2 years ago
Singapore is a country like no other and had me in love the from the very second I landed there. It has an extremely lively and welcoming vibe and is incredibly safe and easy to navigate around having lots to do and see. It is the melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. Whether it is the glitzy skyscrapers of downtown Singapore or the historic districts, it has something in store for everyone; making me come back time and again. Singapore is a fine city in every aspect, the rules adding to its charm.
Taniya Batra 2 years ago
Universal Studios is indeed a delight to visit. The adventure-packed themed park is filled to the brim with tourists throughout the year. The park offers many attractions and has themed restaurants and cafes to lounge in as well. I would recommend buying the entry tickets online. This does not make the itinerary very flexible but helps avoid long queues. Another advantage of buying the tickets online is that several websites offer discounts and help you get the best deals for the studio. Avoid visiting during national holidays as the crowd only increases.
abhijit sreepada 2 years ago
The first time I visited East Coast Park (ECP) it felt like I had stepped into the backyard of Singapore. The sound of the waves, children playing, people swimming, sandcastles on the beach, the smell of barbecue and the restaurants- it was like I?d stepped into a story in some book. Something about Singapore, that is one of my fondest memories is cycling down ECP on its well maintained tracks during the late afternoon just before sunset. The pleasant sea, breeze, smell of the sea, and the colorful pretty sunset made it seem magical. Highly recommend cycling down ECP at least once to get away from the hustle and rush of Singapore and truly relax!
abhijit sreepada 2 years ago
The symbol of Singapore the Merlion (Half-fish and half-lion) represents the growth of Singapore. Located inside the Merlion park, it can be reached from the Raffles Place MRT Station. Although the park was crowded I found it worth the visit. Located adjacent to the popular One Fullerton Hotel, the park is located in downtown Singapore close to the Central Business District. Out of all the times I have been there, I found that it is best to go in the early evening when the weather is pleasant. It offers beautiful views of the Marina Bay and other parts of Singapore making the sunsets spectacular. After the sunset one can see the breathtaking views of the lit up, glitzy skyscrapers and downtown Singapore.
Saanya Lulla 2 years ago
I visited this one-of-a-kind theme park with my cousins and it was the best memory I have with them till date. After clicking the clichéd picture in front of the classic Universal Studios globe-like structure, we went on to spend the day visiting the rides and shows in the themed zones. My younger self was especially fascinated meeting characters from Shrek, the yellow lovable minions from Despicable Me and even Marilyn Monroe. We spent most of the day going on rides, including but not limited to rollercoasters, river-raft rides and ferris wheels. Watch out for exciting live street performances by your favourite characters!
Mrunal Mahadik 2 years ago
The night safari has an open sided tram that takes you around the park and lasts for about 30 minutes. The lighting in the park is made so to resemble natural moonlight so that the animals are reminded of their natural habitat. The creatures of the night show is a must see, but get there early because they have really long queues and limited slots.
Mrunal Mahadik 2 years ago
I went in around 8.30 and left around 12 so that should give you an idea about the crowds, also try and see the creatures of the night show first and then go for a tram ride because the trams run later in the night than the show or else by the time you finish your tram ride the creatures of the night show may be full or past it's last slot.

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