Sharjah Discovery Centre

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Timings :
Saturday to Thursday - 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday - 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Entry Fee :
Children (2 to 12 years): AED 5
Children (below 2 years): Free
Adults (13 and above): AED 10

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Sharjah Discovery Centre, Sharjah Overview

Sharjah Discovery Centre is a learning-centric entertainment centre meant exclusively for children aged between 3 to 12 years. Visiting the centre provides them with a unique opportunity to discover the world realistically and understand how science and technology have made it a better place to live.

The area happens to be completely secure where young children can find answers to their questions while playing amidst colourful surroundings. The entire area is divided into seven different sections that provide kids with insight into specific areas. This agenda helps arouse their interests and egg them to learn more about the field that excites them the most. Surprisingly, many of the kids get to discover their hidden talents at this centre as well. The main hall of the centre is designed superbly with attractive colours and thematic exhibits. The centre also houses a theatre that puts up live shows as well as a couple of workshops. These performances cater to visitors and students eager to learn and create handicrafts or artwork.

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Sections at Sharjah Discovery Centre Museum

Although there are seven distinct sections within the museum, the children are free to pick and choose at will. There is no specific order of entering the parts either. However, other areas within the museum garner attention too. The purpose is to introduce the young and impressionable children to facts in an exciting and fun-filled manner.

1. Body World
The Body World can be termed as the section dedicated to the human body. The kids are encouraged to learn about different body parts along with their functions. They also participate in tests to check how reflexes work with many of them marvelling at the skeleton and other anatomical exhibits.

2. Build Town
This section is dedicated to the construction of structures that pique the curiosity of many wannabe engineers. The children begin constructing with the aid of colourful building blocks as they learn about various development and mechanical processes.

3. Drive Town
The entire section remains focused on teaching the children about traffic regulations that need to be followed in and around Sharjah city. The kids have fun driving electric cars through realistically set tracks.

4. Sharjah Kids International Airport
A mimicry of the Airport is brought to life where kids can experience going on a world tour. The Sharjah Kids International Airport is an ideal section in supporting one’s imagination as participants reach famous world landmarks based on imagination and plastic wings.

5. Sports World
Sports World is undoubtedly the section that sees a lot of activity with the kids taking part in different sports under one roof. Football, basketball, and other sporting activities, including wall climbing, succeeds in enthusing the young sportspersons.

6. Supermarket
This section involves buying food from a massive supermarket with the kids being taught about their nutritional needs. They also learn to plan their daily menu and shop accordingly.

7. The Storyteller Area
Kids, especially the young ones, are fascinated by the tales read out to them by a storyteller who helps them to understand and differentiate between good and evil by listening to educational stories.

8. TV studio
Children try their hand at media by learning to create, produce, direct and record their own TV shows with the aid of lights, sounds and cameras. They are thrilled to broadcast their shows that may include news and weather forecast to be telecast live via the TV outside the studio area.

9. Water World
This one of the most crowded sections with the children being excited about enjoying water activities as well ride the swinging boats. They also learn about marine life and have fun trying to design water fountains.

How To Reach Sharjah Discovery Centre

The centre is close to Sharjah International Airport and on the Al Dhaid Road with the exit point being between the interchanges 4 & 5. Most of the residents and expats prefer to drive to the location while the tourists hire taxis to reach the destination. There are a number of shuttle buses plying between Al Dhaid and the Sharjah City too with buses E306 and E307 stopping at the Sharjah Discovery Centre as well.

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