Desert Safari in Sharjah - A Complete Guide

The deep golden hues of the sand located within the beautiful city of Sharjah. Plan your next getaway to a destination unlike any other. Sharjah, a city housing the renowned desert safari, offers scenic views of untampered nature, close up experiences with the wildlife, comfortable stay in luxury resorts, and much more. A city drenched with cultural and archaeological importance, it boasts several heritage buildings, mosques, architectural masterpieces, the famous waterfront, and of course the unique desert safari.

Desert safari in Sharjah is an exclusive getaway from the buzz of the city area, into calmer regions of the city. Whether daytime excursions or camping trip, they are a sure shot way to come one step closer to the local culture and take on something adventurous. With great connectivity, the desert safari is one cab ride away from the main city area of Sharjah.

Sharjah Desert Safari Guide & Highlights

Riding Across the Desert, Desert Safari in Sharjah

Upon reaching the desert, visitors prefer to lounge around the rest area and try the local refreshing drinks. The safari ride begins and travellers often like to take an optional quad bike ride. The thrill of riding the four-wheelers is an exciting treat for the children. Tour guides will accompany you throughout the exploration, and even suggest the most photogenic spots! Often children and adults, under the guidance of a professional driver, also experience the desert dune bashing. Apart from exploring the rich wildlife, visitors explore the magnificent nightfall, taste the Arabic coffee and dates, and the awe-striking fire show. Tourists also click pictures with the royal bird and interact with the Falcon expert.

The Safari has its famous Bedouin campground. This gives both children and adults exciting opportunities to ride camels! Additionally, travellers can have custom henna tattoos and interact with the local culture. There is also sweet Sheesha for the adults and an opportunity to go sand surfing! Offering a complete tour, it is incomplete without the local cuisine. The desert safari in Sharjah also offers a 3-course Arabic buffet! What’s more, children and adults are also given Arabian clothes to take in the complete Arabic experience. Visitors get the chance to get professionally clicked photographs and pose with others in the traditional attire.


Towards the end of the Safari tour, guests are treated with a live dance show. While enjoying the Arabic delicacies, tantalizing desserts, and barbecue, visitors can also participate in the belly dance. The Safari tour offers facilities to camp out in the desert. Camping out under the starry night sky and waking up to a beautiful sunrise are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of desert safaris. Whether first-time visitors or regular nomads, you cannot afford to miss this experience which is unique to this side of the world. From desert camps to camel rides, belly dancing to local delicacies, the Arabic culture is presented in its full glory for you learn and experience. In a nutshell, this one day retreat of camping out in the sand dunes is fun-packed deal with culture, adventure, and most importantly, the gateway to some of your most treasured experiences.

Various Packages for a Desert Safari in Sharjah

1. Evening Desert Safari

Belly Dancing Performace, Desert Safari in Sharjah

The evening desert safaris in Sharjah are a great getaway for both families and independent travellers. It is one of the best ways to grasp most of the local culture in one go! The evening package in Sharjah includes pick up and drop off at any four of the main meeting points. Sharjah City centre, Sharjah Mega Mall, Sahara Center Sharjah, or National Paint Area Sharjah are usually the places where tour operators pick up the visitors.

The evening package has a basic, advanced, or gold option. The basic difference is that with advance and gold packages there will be a free drop off and pick up service from the doorstep, via 4x4 Land Cruiser. Overall, the evening safari itinerary includes live entertainment such as belly dancing, tenure dance, fire show, Halla dance, and more. The trip is complemented with dune bashing and camel rides as well. BBQ buffet dinner is also included with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

2. Sharjah Mleiha Desert - Half Day Tour

This half-day tour comprises of a historically enriching and culturally awakening set up, taking visitors on a private tour around the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. This is located within Sharjah’s desert, making it a great spot to experience both the desert safari and a trip down the lanes of history. Its highlights include a half-day desert tour, experiencing Mleiha desert, seeing artefacts dating back to Palaeolithic era, visit tombs and caves, explore sand dunes, and much more. This four-hour tour accompanied by trained guides will leave you with a curious mind and a mind full of memories!

3. Overnight Sharjah Desert Safari

Camp away at the desert safari in Sharjah!

The overnight desert safari in Sharjah is one of the most sought after activities for most visitors. Generally, the package includes an evening packed with cultural elements such as food, dance, clothing and more; along with adventurous highlights like cruising the sand dunes and even camel rides! Sharjah Desert Safaris are packed with guided tours of the archaeological centre, overnight camping experience, BBQ dinner, breakfast, welcome drinks and more, with dune bashing drives, star gazing, scenic sunsets and sunrises, as well as trekking options. 

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