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Nagamma Temple, Secunderabad Overview

Nagamma Temple, located in Secunderabad, Telangana, is one of the oldest temples in the area and well-known among locals as well as tourists. With intricately carved idols and ancient architecture, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Nagamma, a snake deity belonging to the Hindu religion. Devotees believe in her powers to satisfy desires and reduce the issues with their horoscope such as Naag Dosh (Sarpa Dosha). As a result, the temple has many visitors daily who perform special prayers in honour of the Goddess in an attempt to please and gain her blessings.

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Important Rituals at the Temple

Naag Panchami, is the major festival celebrated at Nagamma Temple. It is a traditional Indian festival which is held in July or August (according to the lunar calendar), to celebrate the reverence for snakes by followers of Hinduism. Devotees participate in special prayers and indulge in offerings called Annadanam during this time.

Architecture of the Temple

Several strategically positioned smaller temples surround Nagamma Temple. The temple displays South Indian influences in its unique design, featuring: a recently incorporated marriage hall; ancient stone pillars from the Ujjain Mahankali Temple in Secunderabad, which are covered in intricate carvings of significant Hindu deities; a traditional prayer hall that reaches full capacity on auspicious days and festival occasions; life-like idols of snakes and associated gods and goddesses. One may also observe a tower-like structure known as a Vihmana, which is attached to the temple. This tower showcases mythology related to Naag Devata (the God of Snakes) through detailed embellishments.

History of Nagamma Temple

Nagamma Temple, also known as Naga Devata Temple, can be traced back to the period of British rule in the country and was originally a small place of worship for locals. The construction of the grand temple that exists today, was commenced in the 1960’s under the supervision of Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Guru. Although these efforts were countered by officials at the beginning stage, the decision to establish the temple was eventually accepted in order to avoid religious conflict. The temple is now a widely known attraction in Secunderabad and is constantly renovated and maintained to standards since its initial stage of completion in 1970.

Best Time to Visit Nagamma Temple

The best time to visit Nagamma Temple is on Fridays, full moon days (considered auspicious by followers of Hinduism) and festivals such as Karthika Poornami, Kumkum Abhishekam, Telugu New Year and Naag Panchami.


1. Remove shoes before entering the temple.
2. Wear appropriate clothing, avoiding shorts, short skirts, etc

How To Reach Nagamma Temple

Nagamma Temple at Lalbazar St, Sastri Nagar, Ward No 7 Secunderabad, Lal Bazaar, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad, can be accessed easily by employing cab services, taking local buses (Secunderabad Bus Station) or hiring private vehicles.

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