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Timings : 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 2 hours

Entry Fee : INR 15 for adults, INR 10 for children

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Kandalokya Oxygen Park, Secunderabad Overview

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park is located in Kandlakoya Village towards the Outer Ring Road, Secunderabad. In this 75 acre, a vast patch of land lay hundreds of trees of fruits and medicinal plants such as custard apple, peepal, tamarind, Indian gooseberry and banyan. The park is not located too far away from the city, at a distance of 18 km, and thus proves to be a serene spot from the chaos of city life. It is a hub for yoga lessons, picnics, occasional or weekly meetings and school visits. Amidst nature, early risers come to walk and jog as a part of their fitness schedule. The park attracts many to seek solace and meditate.

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Timings and Entry Fee

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park has an entry fee of INR 15 for adults and INR 10 for children (from 5 to 12 years). There are membership passes available depending on the number of months as follows:

1 Month – INR 100
6 Months – INR 400
1 Year – INR 800
The park is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM throughout the week.

Exploring Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

The 75-acre wide patch of land is proliferating with trees and tranquil spots.

Butterfly Garden
An attraction spot for photographers, the Butterfly Garden is surrounded with greenery like most of the park. It has a grand statue of a yellow butterfly with a seat attached to it. This is a selfie-spot for individuals who seek to capture memories.

Kandalokya Oxygen Park

Tortoise Lake
A massive tortoise placed beside a lake calls for what is commonly known as the Tortoise Lake. It stays as eye-candy for children for they can try and climb on it and feel its rocky texture that resembles that of a real-life tortoise.

Walking/Jogging Track
Early risers’ and fitness seekers’ needs have been taken care of with its 2.2 km long track made only for walking or jogging. It is surrounded by trees, thus refreshing and purifying the air around the park and making it suitable for a healthy intake.

Canopy Walk
A 226 meters long pathway fenced on either of its sides makes for a delightful site. Canopy Park has an abundance of trees and therefore, birds that can be heard chirping, and butterflies that sparkle in their radiant colours, blissfully intriguing the minds of the beauty of nature.

The table-shaped seating arrangement at one of the locations makes for a tranquil brunch spot and calls for families and couples to spend quite afternoons amidst the lush green provided by the park. Small meetings, either weekly or occasional, are conducted at the Gazebo.

Kandalokya Oxygen Park

Tree Monster
One of the trees has been carved into a structure resembling Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. The place is another selfie spot designed to capture memories.

Kandalakoya Oxygen Park

Ride to the tree top
There is a spiral stairway leading to a tree house that provides a view of the park. It is the most visited by children.

Kandalkoya Oxygen Park

Picnic Spot
The picnic area is erected with tables and benches for people to spend a family brunch at. This too is surrounded by trees.

Outdoor classrooms
For the purpose of a school visit, there are two areas promoting learning in nature. They have been equipped with the necessary classroom paraphernalia of blackboards, chairs and tables. Trips such as this create a nurturing environment and stimulate learning among children.

Play area
The play area is dedicated to providing a treading time for children. There is a miniature rock-climbing structure and slides and swings that create a haven for children.

Zipline rope
A rope connected from one end of the park to the other provides an over-the-top experience, literally. The fee to book a ride from the rope is INR 50.

Yoga sessions
Many fitness enthusiasts have made it a weekly task to practice yoga or meditation within the transcendental greenery inside the park. It makes for a liberating and healthy arena for spiritual activities.

Facilities at the Park

The park has in-built washrooms for the convenience of its visitors.

Parking area
The parking area can be used to park buses, cars and scooters and costs INR 20.

How To Reach Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park is located close to Kandalkoya village near Outer Ring Road at a distance of 18 km from Secundrabad (near Medchal highway) and would take 30 minutes to cover. This distance can be covered via buses, autos and shared autos.

The nearest bus stop from Kandalkoya Oxygen Park is in Medchal approximately 3.6 km away. This distance can be covered via autos.

The nearest railway station to the park is the Secunderabad Railway Station in Shivaji Nagar at a distance of 23 km. This distance can be covered via catching autos or buses from outside the railway station within approximately 32 minutes.

The nearest airport from the park is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad 50 km away. This distance can be covered in an hour via hired or pre-booked cabs directly from the airport, or buses to Medchal.

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