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Paigah Palace, Secunderabad Overview

The Paigah palace situated in Secunderabad, Telangana is an embodiment of Indo-European culture. Sir Vicar-ul-Umra built the exquisite palace in 1900 as a gift for the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Mahbub Ali Khan. ‘Paigah’ was a title which meant grandeur and high rank. This title was given to nobles who were second to the nizams bounded by matrimony. Paigah palace showcases pure European architecture as the Nizams had a lot of excursions in Europe.

The palace sits on four-acre land exhibiting European architecture. It is a neo-classical building having spectacular opulence Paigah palace hosts various ceremonies like weddings, engagements, religious ceremonies, birthday parties and much more. Visiting the Paigah palace gives you an opportunity to witness beautiful craftsmanship of Indian workers blending with European culture and a story or two to pass on.

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History of Paigah Palace

Sir Vicar-ul-Umra, the Paigah noble, and the Prime Minister of Hyderabad, decided to build a Europe influence palace after a trip to Europe. He gifted the palace to the sixth Nizam, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan. The construction of this palace started in the 1880s along with two other palaces called  Devdi Nasir Nawaz Jung and Vikhar Manzi. It was stated as the golden era of the Mughal empire as the construction of the palaces exhibited European and Indo-European architecture. The construction of the palace was completed in 1900.

Architecture of Paigah Palace

Paigah Palace is a large two-storied neo-classical building with a grand portico, semicircular arches, Corinthian columns and deep arcaded verandas on all four sides. The verandas face both inward and outward with a spectacular view of the courtyard.

The Paigah Palace is now divided into three parts. One part is a residential area where the Paigah royals still live. The second part is converted into a club, and the third part is converted into a ceremonial place where religious ceremonies take place. When you step into the palace, you will see a magnificent ceiling which is twenty-two feet tall on the ground floor and twenty-six feet tall on the first floor. The palace has four halls and more than twenty rooms. It is protected from extreme weather by its twenty-four-inch thick insulated wall.

Paigah has arches with three beautiful windows. Floral designs intricately carve the top of the walls on both floors. A delicately carved wooden staircase leads to the second floor of the palace.

A beautiful new building having four storeys was added to the palace in 1999. Landscaping of the palace was done a few years ago which helped in preserving an age-old well and an array of old trees where migratory birds still come.

How To Reach Paigah Palace

Transport facilities are readily available from Paigah Palace as it lies in the heart of the city. Buses, rickshaws and taxis are always available to the palace from the Secunderabad railway station as it lies at a distance of 4 km. The Begumpet Airport is the nearest airport from Paigah Palace at a distance of 2.5 km, Prakash bus stop is the closest bus stop from the airport. In case none of the facilities are convenient, then cabs are always available.

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