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Moula Ali Dargah, Secunderabad Overview

Moula Ali Dargah is located in Greater Hyderabad, on the top of a hillock called Moula Ali. The Dargah or mosque is dedicated to Hazrat Ali. The hill has 500 odd steps which aren’t too steep, leading to the top of the hillock where the dargah is located. The Dargah has a pavilion and a place specially allocated to beat drums. It is one of the 11 heritage sites identified by the Heritage Conservation Committee of HUDA.

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History and Religious Importance of Moula Ali Dargah

Moula Ali Dargah came into existence during Qutb Shahi times. It is believed that Yakoob, the courtier of a 16th-century sultan Ibraham Quli Qutub Shah dreamt of the imprint of Ali’s palm. He later found a similar imprint on a rock in the Moula Ali hill. Thus, the dargah was believed to have been constructed around that rock.

However, there are other beliefs regarding the construction of the dargah while this remains to be the most popularly believed of all others that exist.  At the time of construction, there was an ashoorkhana, Baradari and naqqar khana along with the mosque. Over time, all the others got destroyed except the mosque which stands still.

Architecture of Moula Ali Dargah

The Moula Ali hill is quite rocky but is still maintained very clean. On climbing the hillock, each spot gives a different viewpoint of the city. Also, at a particular point on the way up, one can spot another hillock right opposite to Moula Ali hill. Another road is under construction that leads to the top of the hill, which would eventually reduce the number of steps to be climbed. In the shrine, there is a particular rock which is believed to have healing powers. On the doorway of the dargah, one can find locks hanging which is put up devotees if they wanted any of their wishes to be fulfilled.

The Dargah is led through a chamber; the look of it shows that it is pretty old. Inside the dargah, it is beautifully decorated with hundreds of frosted glass in vibrant colours. The detailed carvings on the building add a rich appearance to the dargah. On the inner side, there is an imprint of Ali’s palm, which is hidden behind a screen, and on the other side, there are scriptures and other framed pictures. The Dargah attracts people of different religions and cultures. Encouraging this curiosity, a different pathway is being built to allow the entry of people from other faiths.

Places to Visit Nearby

There are other places of religious significance that lie close to the dargah.  At 12 kilometers from the mosque, Sri ganesh Temple is situated. It is a 200 year old shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is one of the most popular temples in Hyderabad. Apart from the heavenly sannithi for Lord Ganesha, there are seven other sannithis dedicated to other Gods. The daily rituals are performed on a regular bases and other pujas and offerings will be performed as per the request of the devotees. Also, 19 kilometers from the mosque is the beautiful Shri Jagannath Temple. It is very popular for the annual festival Rathyatra during which many devotees visit the temple to worship the main deity Lord Jagannath. There is also a Deer Park located 20 kilometers from the mosque which adds as an exciting place for the kids to visit.

Best Time to Visit the Dargah

The climate in Secunderabad remains pleasant on the months January, October, November and December. It is the ideal time to visit the Dargah as the trek up the hill becomes more enjoyable. Also one can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the hilltop, which gives a beautiful viewpoint of it. One can also visit this popular mosque during Muharam. Considering the extreme humidity in Secunderabad during summers, it is not recommended to visit the Dargah during this time as it would become extremely tedious to climb the stairs.

How To Reach Moula Ali Dargah

Moula Ali Dargah is located 10 kilometres from central Secunderabad. Local trains, autos, buses and taxis are easily accessible with much frequency to reach the Dargah. The closest railway station is in Secunderabad which is 9 kilometres away and connects all major cities. The nearest airport is located at Hyderabad, 45 kilometres from Moula Ali Dargah. Local transportations are easily available at any given time within the city. Private or hired vehicles can also be used to shuttle between the different places of visit in and around the city.

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