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Secunderabad clock tower, Secunderabad Overview

The Secunderabad clock tower serves as one of the fascinating tourist spots in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad owing to its rich historical past. The 120 ft clock tower is built on an area of 2.5 acres and was inaugurated during British rule. The clock tower is centrally located at Shivaji Nagar in Secunderabad. Owing to its heritage and aestheticism, it plays a vital role in Secunderabad’s tourism. This clock tower which had stopped chiming for a while had come to a standstill situation which was renovated recently, not letting down the tourists. Thus, the clock tower of Secunderabad has managed to serve the people during colonialism as well as the tourists now, and it seems it has promised to do so for more years to come.

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Architecture of Secunderabad Clock Tower

The clock on the top of the tower was donated by Dewan Bahadur Seth Lachmicharan Ramgopal. Like every other city during colonial rule in India, Secunderabad was also granted acres of land by the British for British military being stationed at Hyderabad and it is because of such historical evidence it has gained wide popularity among the tourists. It is not just the clock tower but the surrounding greenery that adds to the soothing beauty of this construction. The clock tower as mentioned earlier used to serve a very important purpose during colonial rule and now serves the purpose of granting a tinge of aestheticism to the city. Not only that, the clock tower is known to be a marvellous piece of architecture as it is known to have survived several earthquakes and other natural upheavals ever since it was constructed.

History of Secunderabad Clock Tower

The fact that the clock tower was designed by the Nizam of Hyderabad himself adds to the glory of its existence. The clock tower like many other cities is symbolic of the colonial rule in India which apparently helped the colonizers in administering time as it chimed after every hour which owing to lack of traffic and construction was audible over the entire city. The primary reason for the construction of such clock towers is supported by historical evidence which claim that the British had constructed such towers to help the people who did not carry watches. It was also beneficial for the British for several purposes and also served as a symbol for English domination. Such is the prominence of the tower even till date that in spite of the Municipality having passed orders for its demolition, it remained intact because of the persuasion of the people.

Attractions Nearby

There are several other tourist spots in and around the clock tower located within a few kilometres. The most divine tourist spot is the Ujjaini Mahakali temple situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from the clock tower. The next important tourist spot is the Yapral Lake also located close to the clock tower. This Lake is a perfect spot for relaxing in the evenings for the tourists with cheap snacks like tea, coffee, sambar vada and several other snacks available all around the area.

Apart from the many other tourist spots in Secunderabad, there is the Hussain Sagar Dam on the Hussain Sagar Lake located in Hyderabad where boating serves as a significant tourist attraction. Tourists can also visit the chowmahalla palace, the Salarjung museum, the seven tombs and the Golconda fort.

Most of these tourist spots have cheap to affordable restaurants in a distance of few meters. It is always suggested that the tourists finish the sightseeing spots that shut down after 5:00 PM and go for the clock tower since it is open all day long.

How To Reach Secunderabad Clock Tower

One can reach the Secunderabad clock tower from Hyderabad either by taking a bus to the clock tower bus stop, which usually takes 1-1.5 hours. Other faster options are cabs or even the Hyderabad Metro. This tourist spot does not have any hard and fast timing and is open for 24 hours, and most excitingly, unlike other heritage sites, the entry here is free. Tourists, especially families, are seen to sit on the greens around the tower to enjoy the beauty of its presence and also have a peaceful evening away from the crowded areas. There are also several hotels in and around the clock tower for the tourists, especially the ones who reach Hyderabad through Secunderabad station.

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