What is the best time to visit Santorini?

June to September is the best time to visit Santorini. These months are the peak season which offers the best opportunity to explore activities surrounding the beaches Santorini boasts of, and are therefore ideal for holidays. April, May, October and November is the best time to save money when transportation, food and stay are cheap. This time is also excellent for sightseeing as the weather is pleasant with little rainfall. However, even otherwise, the island is a pleasant vacation destination around the year. The Weather in Santorini ranges from moderately arid to delightful. The summer months are comparatively windier than the other seasons.

Weather in Santorini


Upcoming Santorini Weather

Monthly Weather in Santorini

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 10° 2 days
February 16°/ 11° 3 days
March 16°/ 11° 8 days
April 18°/ 13° 4 days
May 19°/ 14° 12 days
June 28°/ 21° 2 days
July 29°/ 24° 4 days
August 30°/ 25° 1 days
September 27°/ 22° 4 days
October 24°/ 19° 7 days
November 19°/ 15° 24 days
December 16°/ 12° 10 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Santorini

Santorini in Spring (March to May)

The spring weather is perhaps the best among all the seasons. Rainfall is low, and its occurrence is scarce, and temperature and wind conditions are moderate- this allowing for stable and milder weather. Not a lot of cultural events are hosted during this time. However, Santorini has a large number of churches, and Easter (in April) is celebrated extensively all across the island, and the grand celebration is truly a sight to experience.

Santorini in Winter (December to February)

The winter season, of course, records the lowest temperature, and otherwise also experience bouts of bad weather accompanied by rainfall and winds which make it comparatively undesirable for outdoor events during vacation. A few important festivals that happen during this period are the different feast days hosted throughout November and December, such as the feast day of Agios Ioannis, is celebrated in Imerovigli village on the 13th of November; and the feast day of Agios Eleftherios is celebrated in Kontohori village on the 15th of December.

Santorini in Fall (September-end to November)

The rainfall starts increasing during the autumn and winter season. Autumn months otherwise swing between sunny days and rainy ones, rarely leaving room for milder weather. The major cultural event that happens in Santorini during this period is the International Music Festival hosted towards the end of September. This is an occasion where artists from all around the world gather and perform for around two weeks at Fira. This event attracts an audience from all over the globe and is a great platform for all music enthusiasts to attend.

Santorini in Summer (June to mid-September)

The weather during these months is on the warmer side. Rainfall is low during the summer months, and heavy precipitation seldom occurs. This is also what makes Santorini a primarily arid region. Several cultural festivals are celebrated during the summer months in Santorini, and they also make for a great tourist experience. Some of these festivals include the Megaron Gyazi Festival (this is celebrated during the first three weeks in the month of August), Santorini Jazz festival (celebrated in July) and the Greek Volcano festival, or the Ifestia festival (celebrated in August as well). All of these festivals involve cultural performances such as dancing and music. The Ifestia festival also boasts of an impressive display of fireworks which signify the eruption of the volcano located on the island.

Santorini in Low Season / Off Season

The Offseason for visiting Santorini is during December, January, and February. This time is not preferred for vacationing as the winter months are the coldest months of the year, which means that swimming and other oceanic activities (like boating and parasailing) cannot be carried out. However, Santorini is beautiful throughout the year, and vacationing during the cold months are ideal if one wishes to take in and appreciate the breathtaking views the island provides. Sightseeing tours are recommended during the off-season months.

Santorini in Shoulder Season

In Santorini, the shoulder season stretches from March to May, and October to November. During the first two months, the crowd is less, but the temperature does not touch either extreme, and the weather is therefore quite pleasant. These months are recommended if one wants to plan a vacation avoiding the typical tourist crowd, and wants to enjoy some quality alone time on the island. However, towards November, many restaurants, resorts, etcetera are closed due to the falling temperature.

Santorini in Peak Season / High Season

Peak Season has the warmest months of the year (June to September), and therefore it is the best time to go swimming and spend time on the beach. However, these are also the months when the island gets crowded. August, especially, is the time of the year when Santorini experiences the highest footfall. One of the best activities that can be done in Santorini is the day-long hike from Fira to Oia, and back. The best months to undertake this hike are July and August. Another activity most tourists take during this season is a Jet Ski tour to the caldera. Other exciting activities that are suggested during the peak season are tours such as the Santorini photography tour, the Santorini kayak tour (includes the Morning Tour, the Sunset Tour, and the Round the Lighthouse Tour), and the Santorini winery tour.

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