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Country rank: 3 out of 4 Places To Visit In Greece

Sub-Region: Cyclades


Ideal duration: 3 days

Best time: Mid May - June or September - early October (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Mikonos (Check Flights)


"The island of the winds."

Mykonos Tourism

Mykonos is another beautiful Greek island of the Cyclades group situated in the middle of Aegean Sea.

The island, also known as the island of the winds is highly famous among part lovers, as it offers one of the best nightlife in Europe. The destination is also famous among LGBT community as it offers many gay beaches and clubs. Mykonos is one of the most visited island in Aegean Sea.

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  • Melangel

    EUR 166 /night onwards

  • Lithos by Spyros & Flora

    EUR 70 /night onwards

  • Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

    EUR 275 /night onwards

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More on Mykonos

Mykonos has an amazing nightlife with generally bars opening up at 10 PM until sunrise. The island has vast number of clubs and bars which offers amazing views from the balcony as well. Drinking is bit expensive in Mykonos. There are several gay nightclubs as well.

Mykonos is home to many artists, so there are a number of fine galleries offering original works. The island is full of fabulous little boutiques which carry exclusive name brands, among them outstanding Greek jewelers, souvenirs as well as works of art.

Euro is the currency accepted by almost all the countries in Europe.

There are plenty of banks on the island and¾currency exchange¾is not a problem. You can also change money in post offices. In smaller places, you can change currency in tourist shops. There are plenty of ATMs where you can draw Euros with your bank card, visa, and master card. Credit cards are accepted all over the island with 5% commission to the shop.

The daily budget for a shoestring trip can be around EUR 25, while for mid-range trip, it should be EUR 45 and if you want to travel in luxury, you have to have arounf EUR 90 kept aside for a day.

Like all other destinations in Greece, the most followed religion in Mykonos is Christian Orthodox.

Being a party destination, everybody expects you to party all the night. So if you love to sleep early and are a morning person, you might hear noises out of your window in the morning as people wil be returning from the parties.

Greek is the main and official lanfuage of the island. However, tourists wont have any problem as all the residents understand major languages, especially english.

History suggests that the island was inhabitated from 3000 BC. But the real civilization began to fluorish around 11 BC. During ancient times, the island was rather a poor one with limited agricultural resources and only two towns.Mykonos later came under the hands of Roman empire, Venitian rule and Ottoman empire. After Greece's independence, Mykonos soon became a tourist destination with many famous artists, politicians and wealthy Europeans deciding to spend their vacations.

You will find great Greek food at all price ranges in all over the Mykonos town. You can have good Greek food at reasonable prices, but it also easy to spend a fortune to have great delicacies. All the eateries have their menus displayed at the enterance. Restaurants faving sea are much more expensive. Local specialities include Kopanisti Mykonou - a type of cheese, Amygdalota (dessert) Lazarakia (dessert) and Melopita (dessert).

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How to Reach Mykonos

There are daily flights and boats from Athens which is very convinent and comfortable. Flights take around 35 minutes while boats take 4-5 hours to reach Mykonos. (Read More)

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