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What is the best time to visit Greece?

The best times to visit Greece is during spring and fall as the weather is extremely pleasant, accompanied by beautiful wildflowers growing all over the place. You can escape the summer heat as well as the damp winters. Most festivals take place during this time, making it even more favourable. The beaches are best visited during spring while people can go to the mountains in the month of October for a cooler feeling.

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More about Best Time to Travel to Greece

Winter (November - February)

The winters here are not very pleasing as it is generally too damp and cold. In the mountain areas, it begins in October itself, while in other parts it starts during November. The temperature is mild and rains are pretty frequent there.

Spring (March - April)

Spring doesn’t last long in Greece as the winter here begins late and the summer arrives too quickly. Even in March, the weather is pretty cold but April stabilised the climate. It is the best time to visit because of the temperature ranges and no heat waves.

Summer (May - August)

The warmest time of the year is generally from mid-July to August when the midday sun is extremely strong. It is best advised not to go during this hour. Though this is a good time to visit the mountains in Greece or sunbathing on the beaches. The evenings in summer are pleasant, especially in the coastal areas. Unlike the days, the nights in summer are exciting and have a lot of scope for entertainment.

Autumn (September - October)

One of the best times to visit Greece is during fall as the weather is very pleasant. This is the time when the northern winds come and cool up the country after the extreme summer heat. The first rains are felt during mid-September or October and the temperature is enjoyable. On other days, the skies are clear with less wind.

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