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"A mesmerising land of sun, sand, sea, and party!"

Crete Tourism

Crete is the largest island in Greece and fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating the Aegean from the Libyan Sea.

Crete is not just 8300 km of sun, sand, sea and mountains but a place full of shopping locations, culture, night clubs¾and infrastructure. Crete was once the centre of Minoan civilization which is regarded as the earliest civilization of Europe. Crete is mountainous with it's¾range crossing from west to east. The island also contains beautiful gorges, rivers, and lakes and is surrounded by a large number of islands. If there is a contest¾among the most beautiful islands in the world, Crete will surely be a major contender for the title.

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Currency in Crete

Euro is the currency accepted by almost all the countries in Europe.

Exchanging Money in Crete

There are plenty of banks on the island and¾currency exchange¾is not a problem. You can also change money in post offices. In smaller places, you can change currency in tourist shops. There are plenty of ATMs where you can draw Euros with your bank card, visa, and master card. Credit cards are accepted all over the island with 5% commission to the shop.

Daily Budget for Crete

Crete is more expensive than Athens with the daily budget being around EUR 40. This includes food, transportation, entertainment, tips, souvenirs and alcohol.

Religion of Crete

Much of the Greek culture revolves around the Greek Orthodox Church and 97% of the Cretans are Greek Orthodox. Religious holidays are rigidly followed and are celebrated with colourful festivals and great enthusiasm.

Crete Customs

Crete music and traditional dances play an important part in the life of Cretans and will be seen and heard in most of the festivals. Many villages still retain the old way of life - men in the cafeneons sipping Greek coffee and raki while women gather outside crocheting and gossiping together.

Language of Crete

The language used in Crete is Greek but it has some differences with the one spoken in mainland Greece. However, people in cities and tourist places do not have the problem in understanding English. Since many Europeans visit the place, people also understand other European languages.

History of Crete

Crete was the centre of Minoan civilization from 2600 BC - 1150 BC. The island consists of the remains of that time in the form of palaces, tombs, and sacred sites. The civilization was advanced and active up to an extent that they even had a navy. The decline was initiated by tsunami waves from the eruption of the volcano in Santorini Greece in 1450 BC. Thereafter, Crete followed the classical stream of Greece, and later Rome. Crete was later invaded by Romans which eventually brought much wealth into the island.

Nightlife in Crete

There are endless stretches of party beaches in Crete. Because of this, Crete is often referred to as "party islands". Although every region has some type of nightlife activity, Heraklion and¾Agios Nikloas are more well known for parties. Malia and Hersonissos also offer some great options¾around every corner after dark. Contact the hotel waiter for the name of the latest hot spot in the town. Often taverns and bars secretly convert into a nightclub after specified time.

Shopping in Crete

Tourists often buy olive oil and honey from Crete as a souvenir. Raki, a famous spirit is also what people bring back from there. The most famous place for buying leather goods in Crete is "leather street" in the city of Chania which offers the best quality of leather belts, bags sandals, and purse. "Potter's village" of Margarites near Rethymnon is famous for Crete's traditional style pottery which contains the essence of ancient Minoan art.

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FAQs on Crete

What is the best time to visit Crete?

Winters can be cold and rainy. Still, at times you can see snowy mountains with around 3m of snow on them. You might find it difficult to get food in lodges but it won't be a problem in cities. May to June can be the best time to visit Crete as there are not too many tourists on the island. The sea is warm and people interested in hiking will have a good time. July and August¾witnesses too many tourists and the prices all over are very high. Tourism comes to an abrupt stop in November and December with the end of charter flights.
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What is the local food in Crete?

Crete is famous for its cuisine. Also called "The Mediterranean Diet", it rely heavily on fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. A good way to enjoy local food is to join traditional festivals in villages. You will find a variety of dishes and can also enjoy the music and dance of Cretans.¾You can also find Cretan cheeses like Graviera, myzitra and Anthotiros - local delicacies. Other famous dishes include Dakos - Greek bread salad, Horta Vrasta - a boiled leafy Greek salad and ¾Kotosoupa - a traditional Greek soup¾.
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What is the best way to reach Crete?

By air, there are domestic flights from Athens daily. To arrive by boat you can reach any one of the 6 ports which are located at Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, and Kastelli-Kissamou.
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What are the things to do in Crete?

The top things to do in Crete are Knossos, Heraklion Archeological Museum, Lychnostatis open Air Museum, Koules Fortress, Historical Museum of Crete, Chania Venetian Lighthouse. You can see all the places to visit in Crete here

What are the places near Crete?

The top places near to Crete are Athens which is 320 km from Crete, Mykonos which is located 249 km from Crete, Santorini which is located 1092 km from Crete, Istanbul which is located 737 km from Crete, Antalya which is located 561 km from Crete

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