What is the best time to visit Crete?

Winters can be cold and rainy. Still, at times you can see snowy mountains with around 3m of snow on them. You might find it difficult to get food in lodges but it won't be a problem in cities. May to June can be the best time to visit Crete as there are not too many tourists on the island. The sea is warm and people interested in hiking will have a good time. July and August¾witnesses too many tourists and the prices all over are very high. Tourism comes to an abrupt stop in November and December with the end of charter flights.

Weather in Crete


Upcoming Crete Weather

Monthly Weather in Crete

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 7°/ -0° 1 days
February 9°/ 1° 1 days
March 10°/ 2° 2 days
April 14°/ 4° 2 days
May 18°/ 7° 2 days
June 23°/ 13° 0 days
July 25°/ 13° 1 days
August 25°/ 14° 0 days
September 21°/ 11° 1 days
October 20°/ 10° 2 days
November 16°/ 7° 5 days
December 11°/ 3° 6 days

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