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The volcanic island of Santorini in Greece is one of the most romantic spots, filled with multicoloured beaches and dozens of vineyards. A glimpse of the island highlights the stoic white-washed houses, dome-shaped architecture, and colourful memories the city inherits. From experiencing the mesmerizing sunsets of Santorini to walking the narrow lanes, another side of the island is equally popular among travellers from around the globe, that is, the happening nightlife of Santorini. From enjoying a unique open-air cinema experience to dancing your heart out at the beach bars, Santorini will not fail you!

Here is a list of places you can explore to enjoy the nightlife in Santorini:

Cocktail Bars in Santorini

1. P K Cocktail Bar 

P K Cocktail Bar
P K Cocktail Bar
Enjoy the nightlife of Santorini at the longest-running cocktail bar of Santorini, P K Cocktail, with eye-goggling views. This cocktail bar was opened by Mr P K. Gregory and started as a family business. Overlooking the beauty of the Caldera volcano and the Aegean Sea, this cocktail bar gives a stunning night sky view. It is open for 20 hours a day during peak season and serves some of the best wine Santorini can ever have. The hand-crafted list of cocktails has fresh and local fruits; ingredients are natural resources and have unique flavours attached. Try Mr Grey’s Fizz with Bombay Sapphire Gin or the Greggs style with Dissaronno and Apricot brandy. You can also find Cuban and greek cigars here only at P K Cocktail.
Address - Fira, SantoriniTel. (+30) 22860 22430

 2. Tango Bar

Tango Bar
Tango Bar
Catch the sunset sky along the Caldera cliffs and the island's beauty from this lounge bar Tango Bar. the bar remains quite crowded throughout the year and plays some of the best music to enjoy the nights at Santorini. If you want to be sure of getting a table booked for yourself, book prior because there are only nine. Tango doesn't serve food but has the best of the Santorini cocktails. Try vodka spirits, tequila, champagne, rum spirits, whiskies, and exotic wines. The speciality of Tango bar is it organizes its legendary parties every full moon night and lights up the entire caldera cliffs. In addition, guest DJs are taking over the dance floor and will make you groove the best on the beats.
Address - Fira, Santorini, Greece 84700
Contact No. - +30 6945417875

 3. Kira Thira Jazz Bar

Kira Thira Jazz Bar
Kira Thira Jazz Bar
Know the nightlife of Santorini in this small and quaint bar from 1976, one of the oldest bars in Santorini, the Kira Thira Jazz bar. As the name suggests, this bar homes some of the best jazz night shows you can imagine. Once you enter the bar, you can see a lot of musical instruments decorated all around. Listen to classic and acid jazz, Latin, African, and DJ. Apart from the music, enjoy the wide range of cocktails available, depicting the Santorini culture to its fullest. A lot of locals as well as tourist flock here all year round.
Address - Thera 847 00, Greece
Thursday to Saturday - 8:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Phone: +30 2286 022770

4. Tropical Bar

Tropical Bar
Tropical Bar
If Latin music attracts you, visit the small quaint Tropical Bar, which homes a little Santorini. This tiny cocktail bar is quite different from the traditional cocktail bars in Santorini; it is notably more romantic and calmer to enjoy the views. The view from the balcony and the warm, aesthetically pleasing ambience is unparalleled. This bar is also located on the edge of the caldera and has a wide selection of drinks. Do not miss the happy hours and the speciality cocktails like the Fresh Fruit Daiquiris with strawberry and pineapple. There are also other signature cocktails, which are the Paloma Loca, Bohemian Rhapsody, and the all-time favourite Summer Breeze.
Address - Stairs, Thira 847 00, Greece
Tuesday to Saturday - 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Phone: +30 2286 023089

 5. Franco’s Bar

Franco's Bar
Franco's Bar
How about witnessing a sunset while relishing aperitifs at Franco's Bar? Established in 1979, this is the first bar that opened in Santorini, right on the cliff of Fira, providing a fantastic view of the horizon and the sea. The cherry on the cake is that Franco organizes classical music, including Chopin, Vivaldi, and Maria Callas, while you sip the best wines. With a long list of delectable menus, the Santorini sunset gets even better with Cycladic, King Scallops, and some pasta and chicken fillet. Don't miss the Fruit Frullato, Singapore Sing, or all-time famous Maria Callas Champagne Cocktail.
Address - Agiou Mina, Thira 847 00, Greece
Timings every day - 10:00 AM to 01:00 AM

6. MOMIX Cocktail Bar

Momix Cocktail Bar
Momix Cocktail Bar
If you want to taste something unique in Santorini, visit the MoMix Cocktail Bar, which uses Molecular Mixology to prepare drinks. When the fuming cocktails are served, you can get the essence of some classic cocktails in their purest form. The friendly ambience inside MoMix includes a crowd of locals and tourists. Try the best cocktails here, like the Chios Passion infused with Absolute Vodka and; Espresso Martini infused with Absolute Vodka and coffee liquor. The highlight of this bar is its Hugo Brunch which includes Havana Club Anejo extracts.
Address - Marinatou, Thira 847 00, Greece
Phone: +30 697 435 0179

Beach Bars in Santorini

1. Seaside by Notos

Seaside by Notos
Seaside by Notos
The Seaside by Notos is the elegant and fun-filled beach bar of the Notos restaurant in Santorini, which finds special mention among travelers worldwide. You can get an undisturbed view of the South Aegean Sea and listen to the gushing waves along the beachfront. Along the beach, there is the Seaside bar Lounge area to enjoy a perfect night with the Cycladic scenery on the backdrop. Apart from this, there is also an attached fashion boutique and a fully functional restaurant. Don't miss the dry Martini a Bellini or the famous Manhattan with loud music and good food.
Address - Santorini - Perivolos / Agios Georgios beach
Phone - 30 22860 828021

2. Nikki Beach Santorini

Nikki Beach Santorini
Nikki Beach Santorini
World-famous beach bar Nikki Beach has its branch in Santorini, located on the black beaches of Monolithos. The southeast coastline of Santorini looks the best from here. Apart from the 5-star luxurious accommodation at the Nikki Beach Resort, the idyllic atmosphere here is equally enticing and attractive. Dine at the contemporary-styled urban restaurant specializing in international and local cuisine. Starting from salad to sandwiches to unnumbered seafood choices, this experience will be worthwhile. The beach club is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and offers dining, music, entertainment, and luxury. The famous Greek Souvlaki with a grilled octopus is a must-have.
Address: Monolithos Beach
Telephone: +302286037093
Monday - Sunday: 8:00am - 11:00am
Monday - Sunday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm

3. Theros Wave Bar

Theros Wave Bar

Situated just at the opening of the Eros beach of Vlyhada, the Theros bar is undoubtedly one of the most romantic settings in Santorini. Located just 15 minutes from Fira, the bar has seafront seating overlooking the volcanic rocks. The open space becomes lit at night with colorful lights and a massive crowd of locals and tourists. Food and drinks at the Theros are incomparable. Get a taste of the pure Mediterranean flavors, foreign wine, and handcrafted cocktail selection only at Theros. Try the signature cocktails like Wild Garden, Exotic Melody, Cu Cai, and Mexicana. In food, there are BBQ spare ribs, Pinsa Gourmet, Beef tagliata, and much more. Travelers get a glimpse of a perfect beach life with exceptional hospitality.
Eros Beach, Vlychada-Santorini
(+30)2286 11 2015, [email protected]
OPEN 10:00AM-11:00PM

4. Yalos

Experience Yalos on the Exo Gialos beach in Santorini and nightlife like never before. Yalos appears like a fairyland straight out of the books, offering perfect beach views with delicious Mediterranean flavors. There is a separate restaurant, lounge, and beach area. The entire seating area is all furnished with wooden furniture. For food, you can start with seafood along with a gulp of rich champagne. The all-day beach bar of Yalos improves the nightlife in Exo Galios beach with refreshing beverages, fruit juice, handcrafted cocktails, and good music.
Address - Exo Gialos Thiras, Fira, Santorini P.O. 84700
Phone - 30 22860 25816

5. Wet Stories

Wet Stories
Wet Stories
Located on the beautiful black sand beach of Perivolos, Wet Stories is the hottest beach bar in Santorini, giving a completely different glimpse of the Santorini nightlife. The all-day bar-restaurant serves some of the most exquisite handcrafted cocktails. The unique taste of the Mediterranean flavors is a must-have. There is also one attached fashion boutique where you can find products from Greek designers. If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy one of the regular parties organized by the bar with the best DJ in town. The beach menu highlights are the Buddha bowl with tempeh, carrots, cucumber, and avocado, the Sea bass Carpaccio with lime, olive oil, and chives, and Bao Buns. There is also Daiquiri Strawberry, Pode Verde and the classic Pina Colada only at Wet Stories.
Address - Perivolos, Santorini
Phone - 00030 2286 082990

6. Jojo Beach Bar

Jojo Beach Bar
Jojo Beach Bar
One of the most famous spots in Santorini is the Jojo Beach bar for its exotic location and bohemian decor. Travelers can catch the peeping sea right in front and enjoy every architectural detail of the place along with a drink. The black sandy beach of Perivolos adds to the beauty of Jojo Beach bar. The ambiance is welcoming and comfortable and also has privacy from the outside world. Nightlife at Jojo is even better, with DJs playing their energetic tracks, the vast illuminated swimming pools, and the relaxing cabanas to spend a peaceful time. Most of the night parties at Jojo end by 12:00 AM.
Perivolos-perissa, 84703 Thíra, Greece. 
Phone: +30 694 244 4564
Most of the beach bars operate from May to October

Nightclubs in Santorini

1. Koo  Club

Koo Club
Koo Club

Overlooking the edge of Caldera lies the busy world created by the famous Koo club in Santorini. If you want to dance your heart out and enjoy a night full of good music, great cocktails, and under a night sky, - Koo Club in Santorini is the only option. This Club has been running for more than 26 years and houses three bars on the premises. The busiest place among the three bars is undoubtedly the dance floor. You can find a lot of regular locals and tourists enjoying house music, electronics, and even Greek pop. Order as many cocktails as you want to make your night memorable.
Fira Santorini, Greece, 84700 Thíra, Kikladhes, Greece 
+30 22860 22025

2. Enigma Club

Enigma Club
Enigma Club

Located just 50 meters from the Main Square in Fira, Enigma Club is one of the oldest Clubs in Santorini, contributing mainly to its vibrant nightlife. The colorful nightlife at Enigma includes experiencing the best of the DJ sessions in the city, including DJ Panos Haritidis and major RNB & Afrobeat parties. You can get in touch with a lot of local people here. The crowded dance floors get more congested on weekends when the entire Santorini youth assembles there. There is a good collection of champagne as well, to conclude the party night.
Fira, Thíra, Greece
+30 697 386 [email protected]

3. Town Club

Town Club
Town Club

An ultimate choice for all backpackers, youth tourists, and locals of Santorini, this Town Club is one of the most loved nightclubs in this Fira of Santorini. Town Club is relatively smaller but serves some of the best cocktails, champagne, wine, and vodka in Santorini. You can also witness some famous guest DJs here until the sun comes out in the morning. The Club organizations regular parties and events, especially on weekends..
Address: Thera 847 00, Greece
Hours: Open 24 hours 
Phone: +30 2286 023675

 Other things to do 

Night Hike at Santorini

Night hike at Santorini
Night hike at Santorini

The little island of Santorini is a paradise in itself. You can get the best view of this island's night sky and the city lights once you take a night hike up to the clifftops of Oia. Located 567 meters above sea level, this is the highest point on the island. The journey starts from the monastery at Mount Profitis Ilias, and the hike to the top begins. Although the trail remains comparatively crowded during the daytime, at night, it is just a handful of people exploring the undisturbed beauty of Santorini. The hike is about 6.5 miles and will take approximately 2 hours. You can take as many stops as possible and look at the beauty. Once you reach the top, get an astounding view of the lit-up city of Santorini. 

Explore Oria Art Gallery

Oria Art Gallery
Oria Art Gallery

Discovering this beautiful island without knowing its art and architecture is unfair and incomplete. Visit Oria Art Gallery, located at the heart of Santorini, to experience art in its real form. Established in 2001, this gallery belongs to Nikos Rigopoulos, a photographer for nearly three decades. After shifting to Santorini, he opened his first gallery to showcase the island's beauty through his lens. The walls are finely decorated with various shades of the island. You can also buy from the collection after consulting about the size guidelines. This  gallery is open on all days from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Address: Ploiarhon Street, 847 02, Santorini, Greece 
Phone: +30 2286 071980

Open-Air cinema Kamari

Open Air Cinema in Santorini
Open Air Cinema in Santorini

If you are a cinema lover and want to experience cinema in an all-new exciting avatar, surely experience Open Air Cinema Kamari in Santorini. Located near Kamari Beach, this premier experience is available between May and October. Once you are done with night parties, clubbing, cocktails, and Mediterranean flavors, you should go to this open-air cinema destination, a perfect after-dinner indulgence. This practice was prevalent in 1987, and see both locals and tourists flocked to the area. The area is finely decorated and covered with palm trees, possesses a fully functional bar, and portrays traditional Santorini architectural excellence. Film screenings start at around 9:00 PM, and all the films are in English with Greek subtitles. This place is also regarded as one of the most incredible outdoor cinema experiences worldwide.

Visit Santorini Wine Museum

Santorini Wine Museum
Santorini Wine Museum

The beautiful island of Santorini is home to the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum, one of the best places to gain knowledge about winemaking. The wine museum is uniquely located inside a cave found only here in Greece. You can book a session of wine tasting as well. There are five kinds of packages available. The Bronze package costs Eur 15, the Silver package costs Eur 29, the Gold package costs Eur Eur 48, the Platinum package costs Eur 95, and the Diamond package costs Eur 190. There are professional sommeliers to guide you through the entire session. There are different timings from November to march and April to October.

The happening nightlife of Santorini reveals the all-new beauty of the island. Don't miss the experience, and book your tickets to the land of fairy tales now!

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