Food of Sangkhlaburi

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Sub-Region: Kanchanaburi Province


Sangkhlaburi being multi cultural with Mon, Karen, Thai and Burmese population, it has a variety of authentic food options. The market sells some really famous boat noodles and pumpkin custard. English menus are rare here, however when in Sangkhlaburi, it is best advised to dig into the local Thai and Karen food, which is served best at the See Daeng restaurant.

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Local dishes of Sangkhlaburi

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Sangkhlaburi

It is almost impossible to find vegetarian food in Sangkhlaburi. Baan Unrak is one bakery that serves vegetarian and vegan pizzas, sandwiches, salads and cakes.Vegans should specifically mention to the chef what they cannot add to their food.

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