Food of North Sikkim

The cuisine of the area remains pretty constant in constant across the state in terms of ingredients, styles and popular items. The towns are differentiated very slightly in terms of food with a few delicacies in or out of the menu. Momos and a variety of Thukpa remain staple while you can try a number of fermented foods here such as Gundruk and Sinki, Chhurpi soup, Tama curry and Masauyra Curry.
tease your taste buds a little with the pickles available here such as Shimi ko Achar, Silam ko Achar, Sidra ko Achar and more. Other preparations include Khalo Dal, Saelroti, Sishnu Soup, Chang and more.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in North Sikkim:

Thanggu Resort

INR 50
May - Nov
Thanggu Resort
Thanggu Resort gives a very homely feel, mainly because of the presence of a traditional-styled kitchen. It's a popular breakfast stopover point for tourists, and also has a tongba drinking den.

Hill Queen

North Sikkim, Lachung 737120, India
Hill Queen
A perfect vantage point to view the snow capped mountains, the in house restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Continetal dishes.

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