Food of San Francisco

You can easily find any cuisine you're looking for in San Francisco, from all corners of the world. All kinds of fast food, street food joints and food trucks are spread out all over the city.Chowder in a Bread Bowl is a famous San Francisco food that you should definitely try, while Golden Gate Bakery's Egg Custard Tarts are filled with lip smacking goodness. Burritos are a favourite food all over the country and La Taquera's carnitas are actually some of the best in the country. Another favourite is the Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista, an ideal mix of alcohol and coffee. Also, visit Chinatown to have the chopsuey, widely believed to have actually originated here.

Food for Indians in San Francisco

Indian food restaurants are aplenty in San Francisco. Some of the popular choices are the Little Delhi on Eddy Street, best for filling up on delicious food at low prices; Amber which is an upscale Indian restaurant with an amazing buffet on Yerba Buena Lane; Curry Leaf on Columbus Avenue, which is another well reputed Indian diner; and Dosa is a classy south Indian restaurant, although other foods are served as well.As far as vegetarian and jain options go, the Udupi Palace and DOSA on Valencia Street provide a great variety of vegetarian food and Ananda Fuara on Market Street is highly reputed for it's vegetarian and vegan foods. Even Little Delhi has some lovely vegetarian dishes.

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