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"Dosing over Vitamin- Sea"

Punta Cana Tourism

Is your 9 to 5 job calling for a break? Is the Thalassophile inside you screaming and begging for a beachy holiday? Is your family giving you suspicious looks for another promise for a vacation? Or you just want to run over the stretches of sand and throw yourself in the blue salty water? Congratulations! You're eligible to pack your bags and head straight to one of the best beach areas in Dominican Republic- Punta Cana.

This easternmost tip of Dominican Republic accumulates the areas of Juanillo (Cap Cana), Punta Cana, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro, El Cortecito, Arena Gorda, Macao and Uvero Alto (from South to North). Punta Cana is a dream destination for every beach lover. Not just for the fine white sand and clear turquoise waters it offers, but also for all the water adventures you can think of! Punta Cana boasts of some of the best beaches in the entire Caribbean, including Playa Juanillo, Playa Bavaro, Punta Cana beach, Cabeza de Toro, and many more. Located on the Atlantic ocean, a number of beaches in Punta Cana have got superlative rankings by European Blue Flag organisation. There's a lot to do in Punta Cana, other than lying on a comfy chair under the shade of coconut palms staring at the peaceful ocean. Adventure parks, water sports, cave expeditions, interactive adventures, ecological and national parks, and special golfing areas are some add-ons not to miss when you visit here. Holiday craving level: 200%

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Exchanging Money in Punta Cana

Currency can be exchanged at most of the banks or Casa de Cambio (official exchange kiosk). Do not rely on any other source to get your money exchanged for Peso.

Shopping in Punta Cana

The main shopping centres in and around Punta Cana are Palma Real Shopping Village, Punta Cana Village, and San Juan Shopping Center. Bibijagua is an artisanal shopping market where you can buy handicrafts, wooden carving and paintings. Consider adding world-famous cigars, fresh ground coffee, Dominican sweets and local beer to your shopping list. Make sure whatever you decide to take back home with you is allowed to be carried out of the country.

Nightlife in Punta Cana

Being in Punta Cana becomes more exciting when the Sun sets. Popular bars, lounges and discs get jam-pack during the night hours. The ones which hit the list are: Oro (Hard Rock), Imagine, Mangu, Fantasy (Bavaro), Dux (Cap Cana), and many more!

History of Punta Cana

Punta Cana wasn't even known to the world as a travel destination 40 years ago. Only in 1969, it saw a promising future when a group of American investors decided to buy 5 sqaure miles of land on the East coast. At that time, there were only a few fishing villages on the coastline, rest of the land carpeted with jungles. It was 1971 when the first hotel was built in Punta Cana. More than 100 resorts have been set in the area now, all thanks to the mesmerizing sea shores turning Punta Cana into a hotspot for worldwide tourists in Dominican Republic.

Language of Punta Cana

The official language is Spanish, and English is lesser-known here, mostly around the resorts, restaurants, etc. A basic know-how of their language would turn out to be a great help for you to communicate with locals. Common words in Spanish- Hola (Hello), Adios (Bye), Gracias (Thank you), No entiendo (I don't understand), Por favor (Please).

Punta Cana Customs

Casual clothing works in Punta Cana. Swim-suits are good to go at the beaches but forbidden outside the resort areas, so make sure you cover up when you're done with beach activities. If any restaurant or hotel has a particular dress code mentioned, try to stick to it, or you might not be allowed to get in. Tipping is very much appreciated, since waiters and other workers have to work on low wages. A generous tip can mean a lot to them.

Religion of Punta Cana

95% of the population in Dominican Republic follows Christianity , 88% people being Catholics and 4% Protestants.

Daily Budget for Punta Cana

A budget traveller might need to spend approx. DOP 1000 for a day's expenses, while mid-ranged preferences would cost anything between DOP 1000 - 6000, beyond that would be the expenses for top-end services.

Currency in Punta Cana

Transactions are only made in Dominican Peso, which is not just convenient for travellers, but also the best for a fair deal. Usually US Dollars, Euros or other currencies are not accepted, and you can be sure that you're paying extra if there's an exception. It's better to get smaller amounts exchanged into DOP, because getting your Dollars back when leaving can be a difficult task. Making payments in cash would be the best deal; paying with credit/debit cards would add up about 16% to the price.

Best Time to Visit Punta Cana

How to Reach Punta Cana

How to Reach Overview

You can get a flight which takes you directly to the airport in Puta Cana. If you land at Santo Domingo or La Romana, you can take a bus or mini-van to get to Punta Cana at effective costs.

How to reach Punta Cana by flight

Punta Cana International Airport is the most convenient airport to land at, from where you can reach the East coast resorts in 10 to 40 minutes. There are domestic flight services availed by Dominican Shuttles.

How to reach Punta Cana by road

Cars and cabs are available for rent to traverse in and around Punta Cana. However these options might get heavy on your pocket.

How to reach Punta Cana by bus

Public buses are in abundance if you want to get to a nearby city.

Local transport in Punta Cana

Taxis and public buses are available to get around the east coast. Beach taxis can be used to commute on the beach to visit some of the hotels. There are also some mini-vans available for people using wheelchairs. You can also rent a car or scooter to travel around, but don't forget to get insured and check out the driving rules and laws followed there first.

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FAQs on Punta Cana

What are the places near Punta cana?

The top places near to Punta cana are Puerto rico which is 195 km from Punta cana, Us virgin islands which is located 371 km from Punta cana, London which is located 6908 km from Punta cana, Dubai which is located 12220 km from Punta cana, Amsterdam which is located 7257 km from Punta cana

What are the things to do in Punta cana?

The top things to do in Punta cana are The bewitching beaches, Soana Island, Cave expeditions at Los Haitises National Park, Adrenaline rush at Anamuya Mountain, Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve , Manati Theme Park. You can see all the places to visit in Punta cana here

What are the top hotels in Punta cana?

There are 568 in Punta cana which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Punta cana are Punta Cana Penthouse, The Mansion at Chic By Royalton, Hideaway at Royalton Punta Cana - Adults Only - All Inclusive, Hotel Las Flores, DELUXE E2, 2 BR, SEA VIEW, POOL, ROOF TERRACE, Punta Cana Rent Apartment - Private & Secure. You can see all the hotels in Punta cana here

What is the best way to reach Punta cana?

You can get a flight which takes you directly to the airport in Puta Cana. If you land at Santo Domingo or La Romana, you can take a bus or mini-van to get to Punta Cana at effective costs.
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What is the local food in Punta cana?

You can try local Dominican dishes including Bandera (consisting of cooked kidney beans, white rice and cooked meat), Sancocho (soup made with beef/meat and vegetables) and Habichuelas con Dulce (a popular dessert); or you can simple go for some lip-smacking Caribbean seafood. Delicias de Bavaro is a local favorite, where you can get some authentic Dominican taste. Jellyfish Restaurant and Lounge is known for great local seafood on Bavaro Beach.
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What is the best time to visit Punta cana?

The best time to visit Punta Cana is in Spring from March to May. These months offer a perfect balance between the good weather and the extent of crowds. Plenty of outdoor activities are offered, and the fares are also relatively cheaper. It truly is a beautiful time to enjoy this town’s beaches and clear waters. Punta Cana experiences hot and humid weather for the majority part of the year, with the fall months receiving the maximum amount of rainfall. Winter is the most popular time to visit this tropical paradise, followed by Spring. It can get exceptionally crowded towards Christmas and New Year’s. Travellers are advised to be cautious while visiting Punta Cana during the hurricane season. It lasts from June to November and experiences unpredictable weather and frequent hurricanes.
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