Food of Washington

"Half smoke" is a local food speciality in DC, which is like a hot-dog with a half-pork and half-beef sausage topped with chilli. Ben's Chilli Bowl is the best-known place to a eat a 'Half smoke'. Ethiopian cuisine is also a must-try when you visit Washington.

Food for Indians in Washington

You can find some of the most ambrosial Indian delicacies in Washington, DC at Rasika, The Bombay Club, Rasika West End, Cafe of India, Indigo, and Le Mirch Dupont. These are just a few top-rating names from the list of dozens of Indian restaurants in the city. Spotting vegetarian food in DC is not that hard. While Rasika offers many veg. dishes for your foodgasm, some other places to check out are: Republic, Mandalay, Etete, Ambar and Woodlands Restaurant. Jains looking for food without onion/garlic can get the dishes modified for them at Saravana Palace.

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