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How to Reach Perth from India

There are no direct airlines connecting India to Perth. Connecting flights however are available very easily and airlines such as Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways etc. have various routes to Perth from India.

How to reach Perth by flight

Perth Airport has daily flights running routes domestically and internationally. International airlines such as Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Southern China Airlines, Singapore Airlines among several others connect Perth to all major cities around the glob via connecting and direct flights.

How to reach Perth by road

While cities in Western Australia have easy access to Perth via roads, trips to other major cities such as Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne et al are not feasible due to really long driving distances.

How to reach Perth by train

Perth is connected to nearby cities fairly well via rail. The Indian Pacific rail connects Perth all the way across Australia to Sydney via Adelaide. Though the trip is long, it is one of immense scenic beauty. Cities close by are connected via local trains running twice or thrice a day.

How to reach Perth by bus

From nearby cities. Talk about connectivity, compare different services (if any)

How to reach Perth by Waterways

A few international cruisers such as Queen Victoria dock at the Freemantle harbour. Other passenger ships to Perth are now few and far between.

Local transport in Perth

The Perth public transport system is very well managed and also not expensive. Operated by Transperth, it covers buses, trains, ferries and taxis. The central area of Perth, around areas such as Northbridge, CBD, Freemantle and Joondalup are actually free and very convenient. Taxis are available easily except for the early morning office hours and during the evening on weekends. There are also ferries operating across the Swan River. A smart way to travel around Perth is using the SmartRider card for trains and buses. It deducts money from your card as you travel, and also turns out to be cheaper than cash transactions.

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