Underwater World Pattaya

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Label : Fun For Kids

Tags : Aquarium

Timings : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Adults: THB 500 Kids: THB 300

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Underwater World Pattaya, Pattaya Overview

The best aquarium in Pattaya, Underwater World, is an indoor aquarium featuring 2500 aquatic animals and showcasing Thailand's diverse marine life. Its main highlights are a 100-meter underwater tunnel and shark dives. The exhibits are divided into different zones and interesting activities.

Be it predator fishes such as sharks and stingrays, the starfish and the lobsters or those lovely turtles, you can witness a wide range of aquatic animals and their species at the Underwater World in Pattaya. Don’t forget to check that Ship Wreck Tank at the end of the tunnel house to discover a completely different species of fishes and aquatic plants. For those of you who wish to feel the touch of oceans and its surviving lives, make sure you are present for the live feeding shows. Being one of the most popular activities at the Underwater World Pattay, the show is ideal for family gatherings.

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Ecology of Underwater World

Starting with the Koi Fishes blabbing for oxygen and water-kissing you from the other side of the glass wall for your camera clicks, the turtles and the tortoises are definitely going to attract you with their friendly behaviour. You may also closely observe some of the most mesmerizing corals of the oceans. Moving forward, be prepared to witness some of the most majestic sharks and sting rays of the oceanic waters, that too in a wide range of species!

After crossing those beautiful Jelly Fishes and some of the most giant fishes of the oceans, you may play with those creepy crawling reptiles as much as you want. The last of all, the otters are definitely going to amuse you with their activities and notoriousness. 

Underwater World Pattaya

Zones and Activities at Underwater World Pattaya

1. Touch Pool Zone: Get a chance to interact and play with the marine animals from a distance as close as your arm’s length at these rocky pool creations from the coal regions of Thailand.

2. Magic Tank: Be prepared to feel bizarre along with your kids from the concept of Mystical Gravity Interaction while present at the Magic Tank.

3. Oceanic Zone: Marvel the hordes of colourful fishes roaming around across the acrylic waters at the Oceanic Zone of Underwater World aquarium.

4. Coral Reef Zone: Witness some of the most mesmerizing corals from across the waters of Thailand at the Coral Reef Zone!

5. Open Ocean Zone: Stroll through the glass tunnels as sharks and rays float in the waters around in this Zone.

6. Giant of Siam Zone: Wander around the artificial shipwrecks serving as cosy homes for some of the most beautiful fishes and other aquatic animals in the Giant Siam Zone.

7. Reptile Zone: Bloating frogs, hissing snakes and flaunting chameleons, all of them are ready to pose for your camera at the Reptile Zone of the Underwater World Aquarium.

8. Jellyfish Zone: Walk around one of the biggest exhibition of Jellyfishes across Thailand at this Jellyfish Zone, and be sure to capture their glitter in your cameras!

9. Otter Tank: Observe the lovely otters play around in their tanks while you click pictures with them! In addition to this, you can indulge yourselves in a lot of different activities while you are present at the Underwater World Pattaya.

Feeding Program at Underwater World in Pattaya

A shout out to all those who love animals, especially marine animals, you ought to be present at the Underwater World during the feeding hours of the aquarium, which are:

Moray Eel Tank: 2:00 PM onwards
Coral Reef Zone: 10:30 AM onwards (Morning slot) and 3:00 PM (Afternoon slot)
Open Ocean Zone: 11:00 AM (Morning slot) and 4:00 PM (Afternoon slot)
Giant of Siam Zone: 11:30 AM (Morning slot) and 3:30 PM (Afternoon slot)

Underwater World in Pattaya

Things to do at Underwater World Pattaya

1. Feeding the Koi Fishes: Feed the Koi fishes along with your family members directly from the milk bottles at the Koi Fish Tank.

2. Feeding the Turtles: Closely observe the simplicity of turtles while feeding them at their tank.

3. Sleepover with Sharks & Rays Camp: Specially designed for school students and other kids, get to know about sharks and stingrays while observing them with flashlights throughout the tunnels during this 2 Day – 1 Night Camp at the Underwater World in Pattaya.

Underwater World Pattaya
Sleeping with sharks and stingrays

How to Reach Underwater World in Pattaya

The Underwater World Pattaya is situated at Sukhumvit Road of the Jomtien area of the city. If you are not a local of the city, you can simply board one of the taxis, or rent a vehicle. If you want to travel cheap, taking a ride in the famous Tuk –Tuk vehicles to reach the aquarium travelling across the city.


1. Do not attempt to enter the waters wherever there are open pools
2. Keep your belongings away from contact with water while feeding in the open pool
3. Do not attempt to damage the glass walls of the aquarium’s tunnel
4. Do not perform any activity which might make the aquatic animals or reptiles aggressive
5. Do not feed the animals any food item other than the one provided by the aquarium authorities.

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