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Q. Hi Rohan here, I want to know about the Paris France trip.

Kanak RT

2 years ago
Kuch nhi passport, visa, paisa tayar rakh. Advance flight booking karle aur chala ja. use kar, man chahe hotels milega.
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Bhambhani Sukesh

1 year ago
Paris is amazing place to go but it's very expensive, you can just travel in India also. "Link Hidden"

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
Paris was amazing - definitely as good as we expected it to be.

Rutvi Saxena

on Eiffel Tower 3 years ago
This one is you have already seen-it's in every movie, every tv show, every book, the epitome of romance and French elegance. The Eiffel tower is a well, towering structure made of wrought iron situa (Read More)ted in Paris, France. The intricate lattice work and draws millions of tourists every year. There are four gateways at the four cardinal directions at the base of the tower, from where you purchase your ticket and go up-via an elevator or stairs. Very few people choose the over 1,000 steps-climb, and it would be a good idea to be particularly careful of your valuables; the crowd proves to be fruitful for pickpockets. There are three floors, with the first two having restaurants, patisseries and souvenir shops. The third floor provides a stunning overview of Paris, and is the highest point to observe from in all of European Union- Fashion Street, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées-all appear to be glittering points from the top. The Eiffel Tower lights up at night in beautiful colours, and you'll find several keychain sellers shouting Shahrukh Khan when they see an Indian; the smallest keychains cost 1 euro for 7 pieces-about Rs10 per piece! Make sure to take something warm to protect you against the howling wind on the upper storeys, and a good camera for those panoramas.

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