Things to do in Panchgani for a Perfect Laid-Back Vacay


Top things to do in Panchgani

Panchgani is a quaint hill station in Maharashtra known for its vantage points and strawberry produce. There are a number of activities and things to do in Panchgani for the seasonal tourists and travellers. From adventure activities like paragliding and trekking, to cave exploration and soaking in the bounteous nature, there are umpteen things to do in Panchgani. We have compiled and elaborate list of top things to do in Panchgani. Have a look!

Here is the list of 12 Things to do in Panchgani for a Perfect Laid-Back Vacay

1. Revel in the Natural Beauty of Kaas Plateau

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One of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites of India, Kaas Plateau in Panchgani is a magical place with landscapes with lakes, flowers and butterflies all around. Kaas Plateau is situated at a mighty altitude of 1200 metres and is a major biodiversity hotspot owing to the many varieties of endemic flowers and butterflies that are found here. Housing about 850 species of beautiful wildflowers, the 1000 hectare area of the plateau is now a reserved forest which is famous for its natural beauty and flora, its Kaas Lake and its beautiful landscape and scenic beauty. Visiting here is one of the prime things to do in Panchgani.

2. Climb Up to Table Land

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Table Land is a plateau that marks the highest point of the entire region of Panchgani with the height of 4500 feet above sea level. But that's not it - spanning over an area of a whopping 95 acres, the Table Land ranks second on the list of the largest plateaus in Asia! The base rock of this plateau is majestic laterite entirely covered with dense foliage of miniature blue bonnet grass. The dizzying height of Table Land offers a jaw-dropping view of deep valleys and majestic hills. You can also enjoy a panoramic and unobstructed view of the sunrise and sunset from here and witness the skies burst into a myriad of colours. Trekking up here is one of the best things to do in Panchgani.

3. Try Your Hand at Paragliding

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Panchgani makes a great destination for paragliding because of its scenic view. Various reliable paragliding clubs are there in the city. You could go on a joyride or take courses across levels, starting from elementary to advanced level. If in town, you must absolutely include this activity in your bucket list of things to do in Panchgani. Not only will it be a thrilling experience but also it is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

4. Visit the Vibrant Mapro Garden

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Mapro Garden is a famous tourist attraction nestled in the beautiful hill station of Panchgani. Mapro is short for Mahabaleshwar Products, a brand name associated with delicious fruit-based products. With greenery all around, one will find a chocolate factory, a restaurant, a small nursery, children's play area and retail outlet selling Mapro products. The food served in the restaurant consists of healthy sandwiches and wood-fired pizzas made from organic ingredients. Ice-creams and cold-drinks of a wide variety are also available. Visiting here is one of the top things to do in Nashik, not just by the tourists but also the city dwellers.

5. Behold the Gorgeous Views at Sydney Point

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Sydney point is a small spot at the top of high land, right at the start of Panchgani when you enter from Wai-side. If you are the creative kinds and are looking for inspiration, this could be your chance to think over in the perfect surroundings. Be sure to include visiting here in your bucket list of things to do in Nashik.

6. Explore the Tribal Devrai Art Village

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Devrai Art Village is an art village located very close to Panchgani. It is a non profit initiative to connect with nature and celebrate creativity. A core group of highly skilled Adivasi craftsmen and artists from the naxalite affected areas of Gadchiroli & Chhattisgarh find a livelihood and a safe refuge here in Panchgani. The unique style of their product range comes out through combinations of different mediums such as iron, brass, stone, wood, bamboo and fabric.

7. Go Strawberry Shopping

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While in Panchgani, essentials include fruit products like jams and jellies as well as the freshest pick of strawberries. One can also shop for leather items, wooden items, chappals etc at the Shivaji Circle. Strawberry lovers can head to Strawberry Den for fresh strawberries, cream and jams. Other noteworthy markets are the Shivaji Circle and the Buddha Bazaar. Browsing the markets for fresh strawberries is one of the prime things to do in Panchgani.

8. Watch the View from Kate's Point

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Around 15 km outside Panchgani, on the way to Mahabaleshwar, you see a huge rock overlooking the Krishna valley - that is Kate's point. The point gives a great view of the valley and waters of Dhom Dam and Balakwadi. One of the top touristy things to do in Panchgani is visiting this beautiful spot. It offers a bird's eye view of the valley below and enchanting sunrise and sunset scenes.

9. Cave Exploration at Rajpuri

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Rajpuri Caves are believed to have given shelter to Pandavas during their exile. The caves are surrounded by many holy kunds (ponds) which are supposed to get waters of the holy Ganga and hence supposed to cure all kinds of diseases. One of the major attractions of the cave is the Lord Karthikeya temple. Make sure to include visiting here in your top list of things to do in Panchgani.

10. Visit the Gorgeous Parsi Point

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Situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar, the picturesque Parsi Point overlooks the Krishna Valley and the sparkling waters of the Dhom Dam. It is surrounded by lush green mountains and provides some spectacular views. If you're looking for a place to stop for a while and just breathe, this is it. The best part about it is the soul-soothing breeze that refreshes any tired traveller's senses. One can also avail the service of a telescope vendor for different angled views of the area. Camel rides are a fun feature. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Panchgani.

11. Be Awed by the Gorgeous Bhilar Falls

Bhilar Waterfalls is a seasonal waterfalls in Panchgani, Maharashtra that is only water fed from monsoons to winters. Located 248 kms from Mumbai, the waterfalls are a treat to the eyes and an ultimate place of peace, calm and tranquility. Aside from experiencing indescribable peace and serenity, you can also take a dip in the water pool formed at the base of the waterfalls.

12. Take a Day Trip to Wai

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Wai, located on the banks of Krishna river, is a small city near Panchgani. Known for its seven ghats, Wai also has quite a few temples around. Pandhavgarh fort is another nearby attraction which is know for its trek.

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