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Table Land, Panchgani Overview

Table Land is a plateau that marks the highest point of Panchgani with the height of 4500 feet above sea level. It is also the second-longest mountain plateau in Asia. It is a famous tourist attraction as it offers a jaw-dropping view of deep valleys and majestic hills. It best visited during the sunrise and sunset.

Table Land is also known for activities like horse riding, trekking, merry go rounds, arcade games, and mini trains. Best described as a beautiful marvel of nature, this plateau is a very popular attraction of the Mahableshwar-Panchgani region. The base rock of this plateau is majestic laterite entirely covered with dense foliage of miniature bluebonnet grass. 

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Things To Do at Table Land

From Table Land, you can get a clear shot of the Rajpuri Caves and the Devil's Kitchen. The Rajpuri Caves are ancient caves that have mythological references to the Mahabharat. The Devil's Kitchen also holds a very strong reference to the Mahabharat- they say that the Pandavas stayed at this very spot and cooked their meals here when they were in exile. 

Along the Table Land, there are two popular attractions, One Tree Hill Point and the Pandava footsteps. The One Tree Hill Point, as the name suggests, is the only tree that has grown on the plateau and lies towards the southern end of Table Land. The Pandava footsteps are a truly interesting and undoubtedly rare attraction of this plateau. There are actual footsteps of the five Pandavas embossed into the ground of Table Land! You will be amazed by the sizes and depth of these footsteps that have managed to stay intact even after all these centuries.

After finishing all the sightseeing and admiring the magnificent view, you can indulge in some mouth-watering snacks and refreshments that are available at the many kiosks that have set up camp at this frequently visited plateau. Different types of chaats, roasted corn, coconut water, missal pav, pav bhaji- you name it, they got it.

You can also let the child in you come to life by playing some arcade games and short prop games. Go for some horse riding across the plateau, and you will have explored most of the area in no time!

Best Time To Visit Table Land

Table Land is usually pleasant all year round, but here is a detailed seasonal break up with temperature patterns so you can plan your trip better:

November to February: Winters are not very overwhelming at Table Land and the temperature ranges between 10 and 32 degrees Celcius. This is a great time to visit the plateau because the climate is breezy and cool which is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Light woolens would suffice for this weather.

March to June: The mercury starts climbing at the onset of March, but it's not that bad. The temperature stays between a pleasant 15 and 35 degrees Celcius. Light cotton clothing would make the best outfits in this season.

July to October: Panchgani experiences an average to heavy rainfall each year. The diorama of the rains and the hills together is nothing short of paradise. However, since it is not very convenient to travel during rains, this is an offseason. If you are looking to explore Table Land when the crowds are the thinnest, this is the time to go.

How to Reach Table Land

Panchgani does not have its own train station, the nearest railhead is the Chiplun Railway Station which is 26 kms away. You can also get to Khed Railway Station which is 27 kms away. You can hire a cab from here that will take you directly to Table Land, or you can take a bus. The Chiplun Bus Stand and the Khed Bus Stand are both very close to their respective railheads and have a good frequency of buses plying in and out of Panchgani.

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