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What is the best time to visit Osaka?

The best time to visit Osaka is between March and May (Spring) and during Autumn (October and November). Towards the last week of March, the cherries start to blossom, making it the busy season of the year until Mid-April. But, the weather is perfect until May with lots of warm and bright days. Summer (June to August) is usually hot and humid but is not too crowded to travel. Mid-June is the beginning of the rainy season, and it lasts until July. You can expect a typhoon or short burst of showers, and it is advised to check the weather before travelling. On a good note, it does not rain all day every day, and you might still be able to travel. October to November is again the best time to visit as the weather lingers around 15 to 20 degrees during day time. Although, there are no snowfall days in Osaka, December to February are the coldest months with weather dropping to the single-digit mark. The place is pretty quiet and has fewer crowds during this time of the year.

Weather in Osaka


Upcoming Osaka Weather

Monthly Weather in Osaka

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 12°/ 4° 5 days
February 12°/ 3° 5 days
March 16°/ 5° 7 days
April 18°/ 8° 5 days
May 26°/ 14° 6 days
June 27°/ 19° 13 days
July 30°/ 22° 18 days
August 33°/ 25° 13 days
September 32°/ 22° 7 days
October 25°/ 16° 11 days
November 19°/ 8° 4 days
December 14°/ 4° 7 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Osaka

Osaka in PeakSeason /High Season

Spring (March to May) is the peak season of Osaka. Especially from the end of March to early weeks of April; the city is packed for flower viewing (mainly Cherry Blossoms). If you arrive during the first weeks of spring, you even catch a glimpse of plum blossoms. It is recommended to book your flights and accommodation well in advance as it gets sold out quickly.

Osaka in Shoulder Season

September, October, and November make up the shoulder season of Osaka. The weather mirrors to what spring is like but with beautiful foliage. The day time is warmer, the sky is clear, and the nights are cold. It is a great time to be outdoors and spend in parks like Minoo Park/Daisen Park, or catching a glimpse of the Katsuo-Ji Temple, and even take a walk in the longest walking bridge Hoshi no Buranko surrounding the valleys.

Osaka in Low Season

Winter (December to February) and Summer (June to August) are the low seasons of Osaka. During summer months, there is over 50 % chance for rainfall and is also the typhoon season. When there is no rainfall insight, it is pretty humid and sunny. With a little bit of planning, it is possible to travel in this season. Although Osaka does not receive snowfall, it gets a bit chilly during the winter season. January and February are the coldest months making the place a little less crowded.

Osaka in January

Weather in Osaka in January
January is one of the coldest months in Osaka. The average temperature is about 6 degrees, and it gets colder during the night. It snows very rarely in Osaka and does not last long more than an hour, but if you like to watch the snow, you can visit the neighbouring towns. The sky is clear and grey, so do not forget to pack layers and your coat.

Key Events in January
  • After the New Year, the first few days are celebrated as Oshogatsu when people from Japan embark their journey to visit a shrine.There are food stalls, fortune stalls, and even stalls which serve warm sake.
  • Then, the second week of January has Osaka's Toka Ebisu Festival, which is the important one that attracts over a million people. It is dedicated to Ebisu deity who stands for fishing, business, and luck. People believe that they will have a fantastic financial year after this festival.

Osaka in February

Weather in Osaka in February
The winter still prevails in Osaka, and the average temperature lingers around 6 degrees Celsius. There are chances for rainfall and even snow for a few times. But, nothing major to alter your travel plans. Pack a few layers of clothes and enjoy the city.

Key Events in February
  • February kicks off with Osaka Setsubun Festival, which is a celebration of the arrival of spring and best opportunity to witness some local traditions and culture. It is celebrated in all Buddist temples and shrines, but Osaka's Tenmangu Shrine has the most number of visitors.
  • Osaka Auto Messe is a 3-day event which takes place in the middle of February which attracts about 2 Lakh visitors. It is quite a big show and showcases the latest motorbike and car.
  • Towards the end of the month, the One Night Kanjo Festival happens, which is recognized by the government as the folk cultural asset.

Osaka in March

Weather in Osaka in March
The weather starts to get better to welcome the spring. The average temperature is around 10 degrees, and the days are warm. Towards the end of the March, the spring is in full bloom, and a light jacket is enough to keep you warm through the day while you are outdoors.

Key Events in March
Hanami also knew as cherry blossom viewing is an essential activity in Japan during spring. From late March and early May, it starts blooming. It is celebrated as a festival which represents that fleeting nature of life and beauty. There are a few spots you can enjoy the view that includes Osaka Castle and Kema Sakuranomiya Park, among others. If you are a fan of Sumo, you catch the wrestling at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. If you are an anime or cosplay fans, then Nipponbashi Street Festa is a treat.

Osaka in April

The weather in Osaka in April is pleasant. The temperature is anywhere between 11 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. The humidity and precipitation levels are pretty low this season, which makes it dry and have lesser rainfall days. Osaka is still a much colder place than most popular destinations across the globe, allowing you to enjoy the city at your pace.

Osaka in May

Weather in Osaka in May
May is perfectly warm in Osaka. The temperature is between 15 degrees and 24 degrees and fluctuates minimally. The day time temperatures are pleasant around 18 degrees, and rainfall is expected a little. The temperature starts to soar even higher in the last few days of May.

Key Events in May
The first week of May is Golden Week, which has three national holidays, including Greenery Day, Constitution Memorial Day, and Children's Day. Some many activities and festivals happen around this time. In the last week of May, the Aloha Summer festival takes place which showcases Hawaiian culture, including food and dancing.

Osaka in June

Weather in Osaka in June
Although, June is the start of the summer it is the rainiest month in Osaka. The city usually receives between 185 mm to 230 mm rainfall this month spread across 10 to 12 days. The second half of the month typically receives more rain than the first half. But the temperature usually remains between 22 degrees and 32 degrees. It also fluctuates vastly depending on the rainfall. June is also the start of the Typhoon season which can bring immense rain. It is advised to look up the forecast before planning the trip.

Key Events in June
The Aizen Festival which takes place in the last week on June to early July marks the beginning of Summer. It happens at Aizendo Temple, and you get a chance to dress up in traditional Japanese costume and have some delicious Japanese snacks.

Osaka in July

Weather in Osaka in July
July is the month which receives the highest amount of sunshine and less amount of rainfall. The temperature is quite high, which is between 24 degrees and 31 degrees. The humidity levels are quite high with 71% and increase up to 92%. Do not forget to pack your sunscreen, loose dresses, and umbrella.

Key Events in July
One of the three biggest festivals that happen in Japan, Tenjin Matsuri is a celebration across two days. It is a relatively new festival which has boats, parades of people in traditional attire, costumes of the lords, street food, and has a finishing touch of the firework display.

Osaka in August

The weather in Osaka in August is hot with temperatures soaring up to 36 degrees. The average temperature is around 29 degrees, and the possibility of rain is a bit higher. The humidity is still high, around 70% and there is a chance of tycoon as well. Always check the weather before you travel.

Osaka in September

Weather in Osaka in September
The typhoon season comes to an end this month. Although it is not an occurrence every year, their chances are high during these months. The temperature is high during the first week of September and cools down towards the last weeks. The temperature lingers between 21 degrees and 29 degrees.

Key Events in September 
In the middle of September, the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri Festival takes place in narrow lanes of Southern Osaka. Groups of men pull heavy wooden floats at their highest speed across the town of Kishiwada. This is one of a kind and wild festival. During the last week of September, two public holidays come close together, making it the Silver Week.

Osaka in October

The fall season is in full swing, and the temperature is around 19 degrees. It is quite pleasant, and the maximum temperature is about 23 degrees. It is warm for a couple of hours during the day and cools at night. The possibility of rain is skim, and it is comfortable and dry.

Osaka in November

Weather in Osaka in November
In this final month of fall, there is a considerable decline in the weather. The temperature is usually around 10 degrees to 17 degrees. During mid-afternoon, the temperatures are about 18 degrees. The humidity is approximately 66% and pretty dry.

Key Events in November
From Mid-Week of November to Early January the Osaka Hikari Renaissance festival happens where illuminations are placed in between Nakanoshima Park and City hall with magical lights. There are also various food stalls and drink sellers that flood the area. Shinnosai Festival happens during November yet which is a traditional festival honouring the deities of medicine.

Osaka in December

Weather in Osaka in December
December is a cold month and the winter sets in. The lowest temperature is 5 degrees and a high temperature of 12 degrees. The sky is usually overcast and mostly cloudy with little less rain. Sleet and snow are not frequent during this time but happens occasionally. It is time to pack layers of clothing.

Key Events in December
The New Year's Eve is known as the Shogatsu where people gather at their homes to celebrate New Year. People also visit temples at night to ring the bells at midnight.

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