Best Time To Visit Japan

What is the best time to visit Japan?

This is the best time to visit Japan. This is the late spring period, with very little rainfall. The skies are clar and gorgeous at this time and the temperatures are also mild. Cherry blossoms are also blooming everywhere, making it an all the more beautiful time to visit.

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March - May (Spring)

This season, as mentioned above, is characterized by mild temperatures, blooming flowers and clear skies. Several important festivals also take place then.

July - August (Summer)

Summer season kicks off with some rainfall. Towards July however, it becomes extremely humid and temperatures shoot up.

December - February (Winter)

During winters, the days are dry and the evenings are far cooler and more pleasant. As you move to the north, temperatures can drop below zero degrees.

September - November (Autumn)

Autumn is also a beautiful time to be in Japan. Leaves all around are turning golden and brown. Skys are generally clear, with little or no rainfall.
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