What is the best time to visit Nagoya?

Spring and Autumn is the best time to visit Nagoya. Japan has very hot and humid summer so unless you are already accustomed to sweating heavily then avoid visitng Nagoya in the summer months. It rains very heavily in June-July so avoid those months too. However, if you are looking for cheap deals on hotels and flights then consider coming to Naogya in the off-season. Spring and Autumn are the best times when you can see all the rich colors in display and flowers in full bloom.

Weather in Nagoya


Upcoming Nagoya Weather

Monthly Weather in Nagoya

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 1 9
February 2 9
March 4 13
April 10 19
May 16 25
June 17 26
July 24 31
August 25 33
September 23 28
October 16 23
November 9 16
December 4 12

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