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What is the best time to visit Coonoor?

October to March (the winter season) is the best time to visit Coonoor when the climate stays mostly cold and pleasant. This time of the year also draws nature lovers and adventure buffs. Summers occur between March and June and offer a pleasant getaway from the scorching heat. It is also the peak season. The picturesque surroundings and lush greenery is quite a treat to the eyes when most regions in the country are experiencing a hot and dry climate. Monsoons are also considered an excellent time to visit Coonoor, i.e. between July and September. The region does not receive heavy rainfall, but the consistent light showers may cause hindrance if one is not a monsoon lover.

Weather in Coonoor


Upcoming Coonoor Weather

Monthly Weather in Coonoor

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 22°/ 11° 7 days
February 23°/ 12° 4 days
March 25°/ 13° 13 days
April 26°/ 15° 14 days
May 27°/ 17° 28 days
June 25°/ 16° 18 days
July 23°/ 15° 19 days
August 22°/ 15° 25 days
September 23°/ 14° 27 days
October 22°/ 14° 31 days
November 22°/ 13° 23 days
December 21°/ 12° 12 days

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