Enchanting Waterfalls in Ooty

Ooty Waterfalls

The mesmerising waterfalls in Ooty need no introduction of their own. The silver cascading water falling down several feet above the sea level is a delight to the eyes. The waterfalls in Ooty other t (Read More)han being a thrilling trek spot, also serve as a popular picnic destination for kids and families. Nestled in between plenteous green vegetation, dense woods, and misty environment; the waterfalls in Ooty are a perfect place for a day out to relax, rejuvenate or just to spend some time in solitude. Some of these waterfalls in Ooty are unexplored and are still preserved in their natural state. So when you are in or around the city next, make sure to visit the gorgeous waterfalls in Ooty. Check our list below!

Here is the list of 8 Enchanting Waterfalls in Ooty

1. Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty

Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty
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Kalhatti falls is called as 'Bird Watcher's Paradise' as it gives you a bird point view of the whole valley. The lovely beauty and calm atmosphere of these waterfalls in Ooty makes it the best for spending vacations and for short trips. The lake is also a very important attraction of Bellikkal which is surrounded by lush greenery and it is the source of fresh drinking water. Elephants visit this lake frequently which becomes a great sight for the travellers. Travellers can have a long walk on the shore of the lake which will offer them a memorable experience until the end of the day.

2. Catherine Falls, Ooty

Catherine Falls, Ooty
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Secluded from the cacophony of the urban areas, nestled amidst the lush greens of the Nilgiris, Catherine Falls is as pristine as a site can be. The water of the Kallar River, cut off by the Mettupalayam - Ooty road beyond the mountains, falls in a double cascade from over a height of 250 metres as it forms the Catherine, making it the second highest waterfall of the Nilgiris. Located near Kotagiri, these waterfalls in Ooty are a tourist-favourite spot often visited by people travelling the Ooty-Coonoor region for a place cut off from the crowd.

3. Pykara Falls, Ooty

Pykara Falls, Ooty

Situated at a distance of 23 kms from Ooty, Pykara Falls is a beautiful waterfall cascading down at a height of 55 m and 61 m in multiple layers. Especially popular among young couples and honeymooners, this waterfall in Ooty is a pure visual delight.

4. Kolakambai Falls, Kolakambai

Kolakambai Falls, Kolakambai

Nestled 31km away from Ooty within the Nilgiri Hills, this waterfall in Kolakambai is a treat. Having a height of 400 ft, this waterfall cascades like a dream with no obstacles that affect its marvellous free-flow.

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5. Katari Falls, Ooty

Katari Falls, Ooty

Katari Falls is a mesmerising waterfall in Ooty situated at Adikarratti. The charming waterfalls offer scenic panoramic vistas of the adjoining valley below. You can reach the top through trekking.

6. Law's Falls, Coonoor

Law's Falls, Coonoor
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About 7 km outside the town of Coonoor, around 15 - 16 kms near Ooty, Law's Falls is an amazing destination for picnic and to be in the lap of nature. Situated on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route, the falls has height of over 180 ft surrounded by thick natural forests. A lovely place to be for naturalists and children.

7. Halashana Falls, Ooty

Halashana Falls, Ooty

The very beautiful and mesmerising Halashana Waterfalls are located in the Nilgiris near the cities of both Ooty and Coonoor. The silvery water falls in Ooty fall from a height of 150 feet above the sea level. The area around the falls is owned by a private estate.

8. Elk Falls, Kotagiri

Elk Falls, Kotagiri
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A sight of pure splendor, Elk Falls is situated about 7km from Kotagiri near Uyilathi Village on the main route to Mettupalayam. The surroundings of the falls are equally entrancing as the fall itself, with a European house lying near the spot glorifying the British architecture.

Which of these waterfalls in Ooty have you visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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