Food of Nairobi

Kenya is equally rice in its cuisine. The staple diet here comprises of ugali (made from ground cornmeal), sukuma wiki (collard greens), and beans. Chapati, from the Indian influence is also popular among the locals and the tourists alike. Being chai or coffee fanatics every Kenyan enjoys the lip smacking taste of Nyama Choma (roasted meat) at the street joints.

Food for Indians in Nairobi

With numerous Indian restaurants open, the Indian travellers donÍt have anything to bother about when it comes to food. Diamond Plaza, which is one of the most popular eateries, has a huge palate of local Indian delicacies to offer. Ranging from the street food like samosas to butter naan and chicken, this restaurant is enjoyed by both Indians and Kenyans. There are pure vegetarian restaurants as well, a few of which are Ashiana Vegetarian India and Chowpaty.

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