Mykonos Restaurants

Food of Mykonos

You will find great Greek food at all price ranges in all over the Mykonos town. You can have good Greek food at reasonable prices, but it also easy to spend a fortune to have great delicacies. All the eateries have their menus displayed at the enterance. Restaurants faving sea are much more expensive. Local specialities include Kopanisti Mykonou - a type of cheese, Amygdalota (dessert) Lazarakia (dessert) and Melopita (dessert).

Food for Indians in Mykonos

There is only one restaurant on the island which serves Indian food. The restaurant is situated on the Paradise beach. Vegetarian food is available and for jain food, you will have to especially convey your message to the chef.

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Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos town (Chora)

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