Food of Crete

Crete is famous for its cuisine. Also called "The Mediterranean Diet", it rely heavily on fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. A good way to enjoy local food is to join traditional festivals in villages. You will find a variety of dishes and can also enjoy the music and dance of Cretans.¾You can also find Cretan cheeses like Graviera, myzitra and Anthotiros - local delicacies. Other famous dishes include Dakos - Greek bread salad, Horta Vrasta - a boiled leafy Greek salad and ¾Kotosoupa - a traditional Greek soup¾.

Food for Indians in Crete

Not many Indian restaurants can be found on the island. There is still some present there like Linkden restaurant in Agios Nikolaos which serves Indian food, Curry Park in Heraklion and Taj Mahal in Hersonissos.

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