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Food of Majorca

When in Majorca, one should definitely try Paella, especially the seafood version of it. The other local dishes include Frit Mallorqui and Sopes Mallorquines which is a simple vegetable soup with meat and mushrooms. There are also many dishes which are made with Sobrassada that is a spicy pork sausage. For breakfast, try the spiral shaped Ensaimada and try Gato(almond cake) with almond ice cream as your dessert. Most of the good restaurants are clustered near Palma and other cities like Algaida also have a good dining scene.

Food for Indians in Majorca

Indian food is really popular in Majorca, as in other parts of Spain. There are numerous restaurants that serve authentic Indian dishes. The most popular Indian restaurants are Basmati, Baisakhi, Diwali Indian Restaurante, Namaste India and many more. Most of the restaurants serve vegetarian foods. Bind restaurante and Agra Indian restaurant serve delicious vegetarian and Jain food. There are also a lot of non India n vegetarian and vegan food restaurants like Acai and Bon Lloc.

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