Food of Athens

Local Athens food is not very spicy. Most of the spices used are found in our daily stuff that we eat. Olive oil is generally used to cook food. Some of the most famous local dishes in Athens are Keftedas - deep fried meatballs; melitzana salata - eggplant salad; mouzaka - similar to eggplant but without much tomato sauce; pastitsio - like lasagna and stifado - made up of lambs, octopus and rabbits. Restaurants like melilotos serve good Athenian food with amazing ambience. Kriti, another restaurant in Kanigos square serve delicious Cretan food.

Food for Indians in Athens

Vegetarian and Jain food is hard to find in local restaurants. However, there are some Indian restaurants which offer these foods. Some of the famous Indian food joints include Indian chef, Indian Kitchen, Indian Masala, Jaipur palace and Altamira.

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