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Timings : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Entry Fee : INR 599 - INR 1699 (Depending on the package chosen)

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Also Refered As:

Dada Saheb Phalke Chitranagari

Film City, Mumbai Overview

Spread across a vast area of 520 acres, the Film City is comprised of about twenty indoor studios and is located in Aarey Colony, Mumbai, Film City is often regarded as a home of Bollywood. The place is so vast that about 1000 film sets can be erected here simultaneously. Over the years, it has been the locations for a number of Bollywood films. Almost over 900 movies and many more television shows have also been shot here. Today, Film City has grown to be one of the best film studios, well-equipped with all the essential amenities and world-class facilities. Not only is it a great place for film shoots, but it is also filled with verdant greenery and refreshing expanses.

Built on the lines of the Film City of California, today it is considered as synonymous to Bollywood. There is no denying the enigma that filmmaking holds on every one of us, and Film City gives a chance to live out our dream with its various tours. Some excursions are organised in the premises of the Film City which are aimed at the different aspects of movie - making, which are open to all who wish to experience it. You can visit sets that depict foreign locations right here in Mumbai, or learn the nuances of acting at the live movie shoot tours. A land where it is difficult to differentiate between reality and dreams, Film City is a must visit for all movie buffs.

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History of Film City

The Film City was built in the year 1911 under the precise guidance of the renowned veteran actor, director and film producer V. Shantaram. It was a dream project of one of the prominent film personalities, Dada Sahib Phalke under whose initiative the city was constructed and named after. As many as 900 films and television shows have been shot here, which only highlights the importance of this destination.

Film City Tours

One of the best ways to explore the streets of Film City is through guided tours in the city, which are quite readily available for all. The details of the same are as follows:-

1. MUMBAI FILMCITY TOURS: This is a two-hour guided tour which includes a visit to the famous locations in Film City, namely Helipad, Lake, Court, Church, Temple, Reserve Garden, and Khandala Bridge. You can also catch a glimpse of live shooting from the bus and take a look at the outdoor studio locations. This tour mainly covers the history and interesting facts about Bollywood. Light snacks and water are also provided to the visitors free of cost. Tickets for the same start at INR 599 per head. 
2. BOLLYWOOD DREAM TOURS: The Bollywood Dream Tour is a two-hour excursion of the Film City studio which mainly covers the history of Bollywood and post-production activities, giving an interesting insight into what goes into making a movie. Ticket prices for the same start at INR 599 per head.
3. MUMBAI FILMCITY TOURS: This is a tour that takes you to visit Film Set where you can witness live shoots in Film City. It spans over a period of five hours and is an interesting way to explore the finer points of film shootings. Tickets are priced at INR 1699 per head. 
4. COMBINATION TOURS:  This package is a combination of the Mumbai Film City Tour and Dream Tour. Inclusions in this excursion include a tour to certain locations and sets, guide to discuss the history of Bollywood, tour to post-production activities, guide to discuss the history of post-production and experience post-production activities. Tickets are priced at INR 1099.
5. HALF DAY BOLLYWOOD TOUR: This package includes viewing a live shooting studio, experiencing post-production activities, visiting a dance hall and a live Bollywood dance show. Other inclusions are a look into post-production activities, a visit the to the dance hall, a live Bollywood dance show and lunch. Tickets are priced at INR 6000 per head. 

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Tips For Visiting Film City

Although the Film City is open to public for tours, one need to obtain a prior permission to enter it. Follow all the guidelines as instructed at the beginning of the tour.

How To Reach Film City Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the major tourist hubs in India with several options of transportation available. The best way to reach Film City is by hopping aboard a local train on the Western Line from Churchgate station to Goregaon station. From Goregaon, you can take a rickshaw to Film City. You can also hire a cab which can drop you right at the doors of Film City. Buses to Goregaon are also available as well.

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