What is the best time to visit Mukutmanipur?

The best time to visit Mukutmanipur is from October to March. While Mukutmanipur can be visited throughout the year, the summers here are hot with the mercury reaching 45 degree Celsius as the max temperature. Monsoon months are pleasant, but sometimes tourist activities can be suspended during these months because of heavy rainfall. It is best to visit Mukutmanipur during winters as the weather is the most pleasant then, December being the coldest.

Weather in Mukutmanipur


Upcoming Mukutmanipur Weather

Monthly Weather in Mukutmanipur

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 13 26
February 17 30
March 20 33
April 26 38
May 26 38
June 27 36
July 25 31
August 24 31
September 24 31
October 21 32
November 15 29
December 12 27

Mukutmanipur in Winter (October-February)

In Mukutmanipur, winters start in the month of October and can stretch up to February. The temperature can be pleasant with December and January being cold. Overall, it's an excellent time to spend some days in Mukutmanipur.

Mukutmanipur in Monsoon (July-September)

The season of monsoon beautifies Mukutmanipur's surroundings. As the frequent showers revive the greenery of this beautiful town of West Bengal, more and more tourists head towards Mukutmanipur to enjoy its beauty. The season of monsoon starts from July and lasts till September. However, due to the rainy season, issues related to humidity and transportation also enhances.

Mukutmanipur in Summer (April-June)

The season of summer starts from April in Mukutmanipur and stretches till June. The temperature can be as high as 45 degrees Celsius. It is best not to visit Mukutmanipur during the summers, as nausea and other summer-related issues can appear.

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