"The Valley of the Sun"

Mirik Tourism

Located on the banks of a huge lake, the hill town of Mirik adds to North Bengal's bounty. Amidst the Himalayan Valley, Mirik has more to offer than just beautiful mountains and lakes.

From boating experiences for your romantic getaway to temples for the faithful to orchids and gardens for the nature's child, West Bengal tourism is incomplete without Mirik. The well populated, yet not over crowded town also offers viewpoints for those quiet moments of introspection and traditional Indian Bazaars to splurge. Going to Mirik for the perfect hill station getaway is an idea you'll never go wrong in.

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  • Allita Hotels and Resorts

    INR 6,999 /night onwards

  • Cochrane Place Hotel

    INR 3,500 /night onwards

  • Queens Hill Hotel & Resort

    INR 3,000 /night onwards

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Mirik Reviews

1 month ago by Rahul Bhatla

A good place. Mirik Lake and Pashupati Market are main places to visit. Both are very good.

1 month ago by Rahul Bhatla

A good place. Do boating here, Rs80 for half an hour as on 15 June 2016. Beautiful scenery. Visit Pashupati Market too.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

It is a laid back hill station with scenic beauty. It has a mild climate which makes sight seeing easy. Unlike Darjeeling, it doesn't have an extremely cold weather.

  What's not so Great?

Not much to explore here.

For Whom

Mirik is perfect for travellers who are looking for unexplored places, away from the rush and the crowd.


One Day Itinerary

From your hotel after breakfast, you can head off to the Mirik Lake, which is the heart of the town. Boating and fishing can be a good idea to explore the lake and its shores. You can then take pictures from the Rainbow Bridge and also indulge in horse riding. On the western bank of the lake, you can visit Devisthan, a small temple of Hindu Goddess, Singha Devi. Tea Estates can be your next stop where you can experience the production of the world famous Darjeeling tea. Finally, you can watch the sunset Rameetay Dara Viewpoint where has a scenic view of plains as well as frozen mountain range from there. Given more time, you can even explore more small areas in this small town.

The local cuisine of the place has influences of the Bengali Culture and the local weather, along with dishes that all hill stations seem to share. There are some things that are very special to the place, including Hakka noodles, a special kind of soup- Thukpa and a few other Tibetan dishes. Restaurants are spread all over the place, with high concentrations around Krishna Nagar.

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