What is the best time to visit Mirik?

The beautiful hill station experiences all seasons in full bloom. Mirik experiences temperate climate, with mild summers, cold winters and wet monsoons. This makes spring, summer and autumn the best time to visit Mirik. March, April, October and November compose of the golden period to explore Mirik in all its enchanting glory!

Weather in Mirik


Upcoming Mirik Weather

Monthly Weather in Mirik

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 14°/ 5° 7 days
February 16°/ 7° 7 days
March 20°/ 10° 12 days
April 21°/ 12° 17 days
May 22°/ 15° 29 days
June 24°/ 17° 30 days
July 22°/ 16° 28 days
August 24°/ 17° 29 days
September 22°/ 16° 28 days
October 21°/ 13° 14 days
November 20°/ 11° 6 days
December 16°/ 6° 3 days

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Mirik in Winter (November - February)

Winter brings biting cold to the region, with temperatures ranging between 1°C and 15°C. The sky is bluish grey, with frequent snowfall too. The surreal landscape looks splendid, and the bare pines add to the mystique of the weather. This is the best time to cuddle with your loved one and rekindle sparks, as the romance of the location moves you. Snuggle up to your significant other as you light a campfire, roast marshmallows and watch the Milky Way across the night sky. Indulge in snow fights and build snowmen, or try your hand at winter sports too! The sanctum of the Singha Devi temple in Mirik teems with zeal and enthusiasm. Feel the soothing effect of the temple on your soul as you experience the unique spirituality of the mountains. Visit the shrines of the Hindu Gods of Hanuman, Kali and Shiva too. You can go souvenir shopping at the Mirik Bazaar and Pashupati Market and buy organic spices as well.
Mirik Hill Station, winter season

Mirik in Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon strikes Mirik at the end of June. You can expect heavy showers in the region which may hinder sightseeing plans. August is the wettest month of the year, which makes it the least favourable time to visit Mirik concerning travel convenience. Since it is a hill station, there is the added danger of landslides and cave-ins too, which may lead to roadblocks and traffic jams in the mountainous paths. It is best to consult with local authorities before planning a trip to Mirik in the monsoon. The valley looks breathtaking in the rains, with the light showers adding a mystical touch to the atmosphere. The tea plantations look surreal and bewitching, and you are bound to fall in love with the mountains like never before in the monsoon!
Mirik Hill Station, Monsoon season

Mirik in Summer (March - June)

The summer temperature soars to a maximum of 30°C, but the weather does not feel very stuffy because of the unique geographical location of Mirik. At an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level, summers at Mirik are comfortable and warm. The sky is clear, and visibility is excellent. You can spot the Himalayan mountain range from Mirik, and spy some exotic birds as well. Opt for breathable fabric like light linens and cotton to beat the heat, and keep yourself hydrated too. With a minimum temperature of 15°C, it is better to carry light wools at night to stay warm. Sightseeing is comfortable in the summer, as there is barely any rain. Take your family out on a picnic at the viewpoints, as you spot the Kanchenjunga peak in the distance.
Mirik Hill station, summer season

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