How to Reach Mong Cai

Mong Cai is a fairly remote town on the Vietnam Chinese border. The closest airport is at Hanoi. There are a number of buses that ply from Mong Cai to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong. It cannot be reached by rail or by Hydrofoil.

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How to Reach Mong Cai from India

There are no direct flights from India to Hanoi. One can find take a direct flight from major Indian cities like Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, and take a connecting flight to reach Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

The bus from Hanoi takes 6 - 8 hours to reach Mong Cai, and costs between VND 160,000 - VND 220,000 per person.

How to reach Mong Cai by flight

The closest airport to Mong Cai is the Noi Ban International Airport located at Hanoi. The airport has both domestic and international flights. The airport is located 226 kilometers away from Mong Cai. Mong Cai can easily be reached from the airport by bus

How to reach Mong Cai by road

Mong Cai is located on the Vietnamese-Chinese border. It is located 226 kilometes from Hanoi. If you have pre-ordered a taxi or if you have a travel agency sending a car for you, it is just a 8 hour drive away. The roads are smooth and easily navigable. The Chinese border is just 2 km away and can easily be reached by Xe Om (VND 20,000) and Taxi (VND 40,000). To enter the Chinese side, you need a visa.

How to reach Mong Cai by bus

There are frequent buses from Halong City, Hanoi and Sapa to Mong Cai. The bus from Halong City costs VND 100,000 per person and takes about 4 hours to reach. The bus from Hanoi takes 8 hours to reach and costs between VND 160,000 - VND 220,000 per person. The bus from Sapa takes 12 hours and is VND 450,000 per person.

Local transport in Mong Cai

Mong Cai is a very small town and you can easily get around town on foot. To visit the various attractions, various metered taxis an Xe Om services are availbale.

Mong Cai Photos

Mong Cai
Ban Gioc Waterfall - Surrounded by Lush Greenery
Tra Co - Tranquil Beach in Mong Cai
Sa Vi Cape, Mong Cai

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