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Mong Cai

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"Delve into pristine beaches, shopping centers and history"

Mong Cai Tourism

Nestling on the very edge of Vietnam, Mong Cai is a small town located on the Vietnam-China border. It is filled with picturesque untouched beaches and a rich history of the Vietnam - China conflict. The town has booming trade owing to its proximity to the border. Mong Cai is also full of untouched beaches which are absolutely pristine and without any crowds.

Located in the Quang Binh Province, Mong Cai is a small town on the Vietnam-China border. Mong Cai is also considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in Vietnam. Mong Cai has one of the best border markets in Asia. The Bac Luan border gate is located close to the market, which plays host to a number of Chinese and Vietnamese traders. The market sells literally anything and everything! From clothes, jewellery and shoes to mosquito nets, leathers and Chinese medicine, you name it, you get it! The Tra Co beach and Sa Vi region is a pristine, untouched beach with oceans the most clear shade of jade blue and trees the brightest shade of green. The beauty of the beach convinces you that you have stepped right into a fairytale. The Sa Vi cape is an obscurely shaped cape from where you can look into the Chinese side. The Ban Gioc Waterfall is a relatively unexplored, but absolutely spectacular waterfall. It is the widest waterfall in Vietnam. The Ngoum Ngoc caves are said to extend 4 kilometers, up to the waterfall and were used to hide during the Sino-Vietnamese war in 1979. However, just a kilometer iof thisn cave is open for tourism. Mong Cai is not for those who want a lot of activity in their holiday, but for those who really want to let go of the nuances of everyday life.

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More on Mong Cai

Nightlife in Mong Cai

Mong Cai is not a very big town and hence does not have a very active nightlife. Dance bars and clubs are nonexistent but it has its fair share of relaxed places to enjoy a drink. Chimay's Beer has the some amazing choice of Belgian Beer couple with Vietnamese snacks. Ban Gioc Coffee junction is a sophisticated area with shops that serve an assortment of caffeine and other drinks. Apart from this, Mong Cai has the usual assortment of Bia Hoi junctions and Karaoke Bars characteristic of any Vietnamese city.

Shopping in Mong Cai

Mong Cai Shopping Mall/Market is a great place to not only shop, but as it is located on the border, to experience an influx of different cultures. The market includes 3 sections - Market 1, Market 2 and Market 3 and contains a medley of Vietnamese and Chinese traders. A wide range of goods are displayed in the market and exchanged across the border. Chinese goods imported to Vietnam are mainly cloth, ready-made clothes, blankets, footwear, electronics, toys, cakes, fruits such as apples, oranges or dried grapes, etc. Vietnam's imported are mostly primary rubber, fresh seafood, agricultural products such as tea, beans, coffee, etc. There are numerous Chinese medicine stores and astrologer shops as well.

Mong Cai Summmer Festival

Mong Cai is widely famous for the 'welcoming of summer' festival that takes place. Hundreds of local revelers gather at the market to celebrate this event. The area gets so crowded that is practically impossible to not brush elbows often. Numerous talented performers dance, sing and perform various traditional acts. Dozens of youngsters perform break dances. The entire market area is lit up with a number of glimmer lights. Numerous food stalls are set up and food and drinks are sold. Tourists from both within the country and outside Mong Cai attend this event.

Religion of Mong Cai

Religion followed is largely similar to the rest of Vietnam

Mong Cai Customs

Mong Cai has a mixed population, consisting mainly of Vietnamese but also a few Chinese and Cantonese. The respective communities follow their respective traditions.

Language of Mong Cai

Vietnamese is spoken most commonly in Mong cai. Apart from that, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English are also spoken.

History of Mong Cai

Mong Cai is most popularly known for the battle of Mong Cai. This battle took place during the Sino-Vietnamese War between 16th February 1979 and 10th March 1979. The attack was launched by the Chinese army as a diversion to the main attack in other provinces. Artillery shells were fired by the People’s Liberation Army of China on Mong Cai. At the end of the War, the casualities on both sides were counted to be 750 at Mong Cai.

Restaurants and Local Food in Mong Cai

Mong Cai, located on the Vietnam-China border, has a unique was of combining Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Mong Cai is most popularly known for two food items - the herb stewed duck and seafood porridge. The herb stewed duck cooked with soybean sauce, mushrooms and herbs along with a few other ingredients is an authentic Chinese dish with a Vietnamese touch to it. The seafood porridge is another favourite. This porridge is made with an assortment of seafood and pig meat, seasoned with spices. Another rarely known dish is fresh mackerel cooked with eggplant, betel leaves and grape leaves.
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How To Reach Mong Cai

Mong Cai is a fairly remote town on the Vietnam Chinese border. The closest airport is at Hanoi. There are a number of buses that ply from Mong Cai to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong. It cannot be reached by rail or by Hydrofoil.

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