What is the best time to visit South Sikkim?

The temperature in South Sikkim is very cool and pleasant throughout the year because it is located at a high altitude and has a lot of vegetation around it. The most preferred season is summer or just before winter when the monsoon has turned everything green. 

Weather in South Sikkim


Upcoming South Sikkim Weather

Monthly Weather in South Sikkim

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 1 17
February 1 19
March 7 20
April 13 23
May 12 24
June 11 27
July 13 26
August 15 31
September 14 25
October 9 28
November 3 22
December 2 19

South Sikkim in Summer (March - June)

Summer lasts from March to June in South Sikkim, and the temperature is moderate, at around 25 degrees Celcius, but can go higher up to 30 degrees Celcius in May, which is the hottest month. During this time, it is pleasant with the breeze blowing and the sun shining. Most adventure activities like trekking, rafting and rock climbing are also only open during the summer.

South Sikkim in Winter (October - February)

Winter in South Sikkim is extreme, and this is not a good time for tourism since temperatures drop below zero degrees, and it 's hard to venture outdoors. Snowfall is rare, but the winds are icy. Most treks and rafting routes are also closed during the winter, so there are very few options for adventure activities.

South Sikkim in Monsoon (July - September)

The monsoon in Sikkim is heavy since it is located in the hills. Though it rains a little throughout the year, July to September are the months that receive the most rainfall. During this time, there is a chance of road closure due to landslides and flooding and activities like rafting are closed. If you plan to stay most of the time indoors, this might be a good time since there are no tourists around.

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