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"Nature's Cabin"

Lolegaon Tourism

Located about 120 Kms from Siliguri, Lava and Lolegaon are merely 25 kms apart. These two pristine villages offer beautiful snow capped mountains and ancient Buddhist monasteries, among other enthralling sights. If you want to experience nature as nature intended, this is your perfect getaway.

The diverse territory of West Bengal has countless places to offer, from the commotion of the metros to the tranquility of the sleepy towns. Two other unique, yet equally beautiful places are the villages of Lolegaon and Lava. Though a lot of hill stations are equally pretty and serene, yet Lolegaon and Lava will take you by surprise with their uncommercialised, wild and natural beauty.

Things to do in Lolegaon

1. Rishyap

Rishyap is a quaint, romantic village located in the pristine Neora Valley in northern West Bengal. Also known as Rishop, it is essentially a picturesque hill station situated just 4 km uphill of Lava (Read More). Although there are paved roads, it is recommended that you trek upwards as the roads, currently, aren't strong enough for cars. A stay in this village allows you to take random strolls around its beautiful market, explore the breathtaking view of the Eastern Himalayan Hills and also of the famous Nathu la Pass.

2. Canopy Walk lo

Canopy Walk lo
The most beautiful forest in Lolegaon, Canopy walk comprises hanging bridges, suspended from one tree to another. The hanging bridges made from planks of wood are located high enough to afford you the (Read More) luxury of viewing the wild, pristine forests in all their glory.

3. Lolegaon Viewpoint

Lolegaon Viewpoint
The Lolegaon Viewpoint is located high up in the town. The place offers a panoramic view of the Neora Valley National Park and the stunning snow capped Himalayas, painted in the background.

4. Changey Falls la

Changey Falls la
Located at about 10 km from Lava, Changey falls is s small waterfall in between Tiffin Dhara and Ghanti Dhara.

5. Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park
The Neora Valley Park is by far the most unique and prime tourist attraction of the place. The reserved park comprises nearly 100 acre of forest land.

6. Jhandidara lo

Jhandidara lo
Another equally beautiful viewpoint is the Jhandidhara Viewpoint which is located at the Lolegaon hilltop, a few km drive or trek from the valley. One of the most magnificent attraction of the place i (Read More)s the view of Kanchenjunga Mountains.

7. Tiffindhara Sunset Point la

Tiffindhara Sunset Point la
Tifindara is a famous sunrise point, which has pine forests and provides a view of the Himalayas. Located at a point which is about 3km by trek and 10 km by jeep, it has the most stunning view of the (Read More)Kanchenjunga Mountain Range.

8. Lava Monastery

Lava Monastery
Going to Lava and not seeing the monastery may end up being the downturn in your trip. The monastery has a four acre piece of land where hundreds of monks live and preach their beliefs.

9. Eco Park, Lolegaon

Eco Park, Lolegaon
The park is located in the main city, very close to the bus stand. With a backdrop of hills and pleasant weather at almost all times, this park is sure to calm your nerves.

10. Nature Interpretation Centre lo

Nature Interpretation Centre lo
The Nature Interpretation centre is a small but important building at the entrance of the Neora National Park. The place offers comprehensive information about the National Park along with information (Read More) about tour guides and maps.

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How to Reach Lolegaon

How to Reach Overview

Lolegaon can be reached from Siliguri via a 4 hour drive covering 124 km via Kalimpong and Lava. You can explore Lava on the way. Kalimpong, the nearest town is 55 km from Lolegaon.

How to reach Lolegaon by flight

The place isn't equipped to receive direct flights. The nearest Airport is the Bagdogra Airport, which is situated outside the town of Siliguri. Once off the plane, you can easily hire a cab and get to Lolegaon post a 4 hour drive.

How to reach Lolegaon by road

Driving down to Lolegaon is not very difficult. If you are planning to drive from nearby regions, then the ride is smooth. However, if you intend to take the car as an alternate to the train, then it's not a very feasible option. The nearest town is Kalimpong, about 55 km away. Siliguri is about 4 hrs drive covering 124 km to Lolegaon. Buses are also available from nearby places and sometimes, even from Kolkata.

How to reach Lolegaon by train

Travelling by rail is another feasible option. The New Jalpaiguri Station is the closest to Lolegaon. The station is well connected to places such as Kolkata, New Delhi, Chenna and Mumbai. From here as well, you will have to hire a cab.

Local transport in Lolegaon

Travelling within the city is mainly done on tourist jeeps and cars. There are three wheelers available in and around the market place, but their availability is not very dependable. However, nearly every hotel does provide its own tourist vehicles for extra fees. But if going to the hills, then remember, that trekking is not just feasible, it is also an experience of a kind.

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Lolegaon, West Bengal
Jhandidara lo
Neora Valley National Park la
Changey Falls la

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FAQs on Lolegaon

What is famous about Lolegaon?

It is a quiet, not commercialised place with an excellent scenic beauty. It is in the middle of the heritage pine forest with excellent views of the Himalayan range.

What is not so good about Lolegaon?

It is not a typical tourist destination and is not well developed. Accommodation and food can cause a problem.

Who should visit Lolegaon?

Lolegaon is a fabulous destination for the lovers of wildlife in its most raw form. The age old pine, cypress and oak with their mossy trunks are an ideal place to watch endangered Himalayan species. It is an ideal destination for people who want to explore a destination that is offbeat. Whoever comes to Lolegaon goes back home with a bag full of memories and a smile.

What is the best time to visit Lolegaon?

If you're the kind who go for a holiday with a checklist, then summer months- March to May- are for you. However, if you're the kind who want to get away from your hectic life, then you might even want to go in winters. True, the weather will be chilled, and you may pretty much just walk around your hotel for those two days, but you will experience the most beautiful and snowy winter in all of West Bengal. And you'll get to wake up to sunrises that will make you want to stay there forever.
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What is the local food in Lolegaon?

Getting food in every corner is again a challenge. Bottled water is easily available. All resorts have their own restaurants and that is perhaps the safest option.
Also, some small shops having opened up their own eating places around the mall road region in both the towns. Once there, do not miss out on the variety of veg and non veg soups they have to offer.
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What is the best way to reach Lolegaon?

Lolegaon can be reached from Siliguri via a 4 hour drive covering 124 km via Kalimpong and Lava. You can explore Lava on the way. Kalimpong, the nearest town is 55 km from Lolegaon.

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What are the things to do in Lolegaon?

The top things to do in Lolegaon are Rishyap, Canopy Walk lo, Lolegaon Viewpoint, Changey Falls la, Neora Valley National Park, Jhandidara lo. You can see all the places to visit in Lolegaon here

What are the places near Lolegaon?

The top places near to Lolegaon are Gangtok which is 35 km from Lolegaon, Darjeeling which is located 30 km from Lolegaon, Kalimpong which is located 10 km from Lolegaon, North sikkim which is located 53 km from Lolegaon, Kurseong which is located 32 km from Lolegaon

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on Lava Monastery 4 years ago
The surrounding is more enchanting than the structure, amidst the serene environment this abode of Lord Buddha promulgates message of love and peace, when you want to instill your soul with pure joy (Read More)and pleasure visit this monastery. During this trip we have also visited Fagu, Changu waterfalls, Jhandi Village, Gorubathan, Sambiyong Tea Garden, Kolekham and I wish to visit here in near future
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