How To Reach Mexico City

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How to Reach Mexico City

Benito Juˆrez International Airport serves as the main gateway to Mexico.

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How to Reach Mexico City from India

There are no direct flights to Mexico City from India. Although you can get there with connecting flights offered by various airlines through 2 stops in between.

How to reach Mexico City by flight

The international airport in Mexico City is connected to most of the U.S. Airlines. The other option is to land at Adolfo L„pez Mateos International Airport in Toluca, and then take a bus/taxi to Mexico City (This would help you save some money on your tickets).

How to reach Mexico City by road

You can hire a taxi for visiting nearby cities, but that would cost you heavily. Renting a car and driving it on your own might not be a really good idea.

How to reach Mexico City by bus

Buses are the best and cheapest option to reach cities around Mexico City. Various bus companies offer services to traverse to nearby cities.

Local transport in Mexico City

Metros are commonly used to travel in the city. Some other options to get around the city include metro buses (wheelchair accessible), micro buses (Peseros), trolley buses, taxis, and rented cars/motorbikes/bicycles.

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