Places To Visit In Port Louis

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Here are the top 18 places to visit in Port Louis

1. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
3.6 /5

1 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Popularly famous by the name of Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Port Louis, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (SSR Botanical Garden) is the largest Botanical Garden in Mauritius. Featuring an extravagant variety exotic and rare species of plants along with some endemic animals on the verge of getting endangered, this massive garden covers the ground of over a whopping 37 hectares!

2. Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum

2 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Blue Penny Museum is a famous stamp museum located at the capital of Mauritius in Port Louis. Ever since its inauguration in 2011, the Blue Penny Museum has continue to take visitors on enthralling journeys of the rich culture and history of the island. The Museum is named after the famous 1847 2-pence Blue Penny Stamp, which had been engraved for Mauritian post offices by Joseph Osmond, back in the 1800s.

3. Trekking and Hiking in Mauritius

Trekking and Hiking in Mauritius

3 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Known for its hilly terrain from a volcanic origin, Mauritius is widely popular among tourists for the different hiking possibilities all over the island. Hiking and Trekking in Mauritius with a combination of challenging trails through rough terrains is just tough to resist for any adventure lover. The vibrant island nation has some breathtaking locations to explore and embrace nature up-close.

4. Central Market, Mauritius

Central Market, Mauritius

4 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The Central Market is an indoor bazaar located at a walking distance from Port Louis Harbour. It had a major source of the local economy since Victorian times and underwent a complete renovation in 2004. underwent a complete renovation in 2004. The stone walls of the crossroads on which the Central Market stands have many stories to tell to its visitors that dates back to the Victorian era of 1839.

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5. Pieter Both Mountain

Pieter Both Mountain

5 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

With a height of 820 meters, the Pieter Both is the second highest mountain range in the island of Mauritius. Pieter Both is a part of the Moka mountain range of Mauritius that is situated in the centre of the island. It is an iconic and unique mountain as it is easily noticeable due to its round-shaped boulder at the extreme top of the hill, almost making it similar to a human head. It is also famous for being the home to rarest palm species Hyophorbe amaricaulis, which covers most of the mountain.

6. Jummah Masjid

Jummah Masjid

6 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The Jummah Masjid, located on Royal Road in Port Louis, is one of the most stunning religious buildings in Mauritius. It dates back to the 1850s and highlights the skills of Tamil artisans. The mosque is open to the public where you can tour the grounds and admire the intricate mix of Islam, Creole and Indian architectural design. Jummah Masjid houses the remains of Jamal Shah in a marble tomb nearby.

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7. Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat

7 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The Aapravasi Ghat, located in Port Louis, was the very centre of the establishment of indentured ? or contracted ? labour in Mauritius. Before the 1800s, slavery was rampant in the country, and after the British Government decided to do away with slavery in what is known as the ?Great Mauritian Experiment?, the Aapravasi Ghat was built as the central depot for receiving indentured labourers from countries like India, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

8. Mauritius Photography Museum

Mauritius Photography Museum

8 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The Photography Museum of Mauritius in Port Louis gives you the privilege of getting acquainted with a different angle of the camera along with a vast exhibition of some of the first photographs that were taken by the predecessors of the camera. Established by passionate photographers Mr Tristan Breville and his wife Marie Julie, the Museum keeps the traditions and history rooted. The exhibits are as old as the 1800s and are a treasure trove of old camera, photograph prints, including daguerreotypes (the forerunner of photographs) that was produced in 1840. 

9. Jardins de la Compagnie

Jardins de la Compagnie

9 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Today, Mauritius is one of the foremost tropical tourist destinations in the world, and is known for its stellar beaches and its crystal-clear water; but unbeknownst to many, the island has a lot more to offer to tourists that just its white sand and its pretty lagoons. With a long history of colonial rule up its sleeve, the Mauritius of today is home to many a remnant of the colonial era, which now double up as tourist attractions as well.

10. Natural History Museum Mauritius

Natural History Museum Mauritius

10 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Known to be the oldest museum in Mauritius and enjoy a great location in the less busy part of the city of Port Louis, the Natural History Museum is considered to be somewhat a replica of the Colombo Museum located in Sri Lanka. The building once used to be the premises of the Old Royal College in Port Louis. Designed by M. Mann, a British architect, the museum was proclaimed a National Heritage of Mauritius in the year 2000.

11. Pointe Aux Piments Public Beach

Pointe Aux Piments Public Beach

11 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Pointe aux Piments village in the western part of Mauritius is home to the Pointe aux Piments public beach. Located in the Pamplemousses district, it is one of the many beaches in Mauritius. Also known as the Le Meridien beach, the Pointe aux Piments public beach is spread across an area of 3-4 kilometres. It starts from the Petite Pointe aux Piments close to the Le Meridien resort and Le Victoria resort and goes up to the Trou aux Biches through the Pointe aux Piments village.

12. Port Louis Waterfront

Port Louis Waterfront

12 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The Port Louis Waterfront, or as it is commonly known as the Le Caudan Waterfront, is a commercial development area located in the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. It has gained its reputation as the first of its kind major shopping expansion on the island nation, including various shops, casinos, banking facilities, restaurants, movie theatres, and a five-star hotel by the name of Le Labourdonnais.

13. Place d'Armes and the Government House

Place d'Armes and the Government House

13 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Considered as a jewel of the Mauritian heritage, the Place d'Armes is undoubtedly the most iconic place of the island. It stretches from the Hotel du Gouvernement all the way up to the Port Louis Waterfront. The road lined with royal palms leads to the beautiful French Colonial structure - the Government House - that dates back to 1738. Also famous by the name Sookdeo Bissoondoyal Square, Place d'Armes is the place where you can find the statues of some of the great personalities who contributed, in one way or the other, to the long and rich history of Mauritius; the buildings present in the area also reflect the deep-rooted history. Place d'Armes and the Government House are counted among the world-known monuments and sites and is a National Heritage for Mauritius as well.

14. Champ de Mars Racecourse

Champ de Mars Racecourse

14 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Mauritius is renowned all over the world for its beautiful beaches and its popularity as a tropical tourist haven, but there is so much more to the island than just its beaches and its shimmering coral lagoons. While most travellers today know of Mauritius' history of colonisation and the country's tryst with and renunciation from slavery (which forms an important aspect of the country's tourism), not many people are aware of a very niche subset of the tourist industry that Mauritius is very proud of ? Horse Racing. Ever since the colonial era, Horse Racing has been a prevalent sport with people from various walks of life, and the frenetic, vigorous atmosphere that you get to experience at a racecourse cannot compare to any other feeling in the world. Mauritius proudly boasts of being home to the second oldest racecourse in the world ? the Champ de Mars Race Course.

15. St Louis Cathedral

St Louis Cathedral

15 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

St Louis Cathedral in Port Louis is one of the oldest churches in Mauritius. Built-in the year 1815, the church was later promoted to a cathedral in 1847. Looking at the timeline, it is interesting to know that the plans to build the Cathedral building was drawn up in 1736, the land on which the building was supposed to be built was confirmed in 1750 and the building itself completed construction in 1756.

16. Citadel Fort Adelaide

Citadel Fort Adelaide

16 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

With Mauritius being embroiled in a long era of colonial dominance, you would naturally expect to see vestiges of colonial remnants scattered throughout the country. The buildings and structures give you a glimpse into the life and style of living during the colonial era, all the while adding to the old-world charm that former imperial bastions in the country still cling on to. One such crucial colonial monument in Mauritius is the Fort Adelaide.

17. Mauritius Postal Museum

Mauritius Postal Museum

17 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

The origin of postal services in Mauritius date back to the early 17th century in the form of a series of letters exchanged between the island and other parts of the world. It started happening right after people set foot in Mauritius for the first time, namely the Dutch. Quite evidently, the post office in Mauritius holds an essential position in defining the country?s history; so is the Mauritius Postal Museum that stands within an old building adjacent to the post office of Mauritius that is located near the Port Louis Waterfront.

18. Pere Laval's Shrine

Pere Laval's Shrine

18 out of 18 places to visit in Port Louis

Christianity is followed by quite a significant portion of Mauritius? population, and it?s a widely celebrated religion in the island. The number of quaint churches scattered across the mainland is evidence of their devotion towards to the Holy Spirit. The history of the emergence of Christianity in Mauritius goes back to the 18th century, and it was brought to the island by the French. A law was passed which made it compulsory for the slaves to be baptised when brought to the island.

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