Shimla to Manali

   Shimla to Manali Road Distance 248 km
   Shimla to Manali Aerial Distance 126 km
  Shimla to Manali Travel Time 6 hours 36 mins

How to reach Manali from Shimla

The Preferred Way of Going from Shimla to ManaliShimla to ManaliThe road distance from Shimla to Manali is about 248 kms which can be covered within 7 to 8 hours. Thus the preferred mode of travel is either by car or by bus.

Knowing The Details

1. Shimla to Manali by Car
2. Shimla to Manali by Bus
3. Popular Routes to Manali
4. Popular Routes from Shimla
5. Places to Visit in Manali
6. Hotels in Manali

1. Shimla to Manali by Car

Shimla to Manali by Car

Commuting via road is one of the most popular and most convenient options while travelling from Shimla to Manali.

Traversing on the NH 88 from Shimla which eventually merges into the NH 21 is a route which is popularly opted for mainly due to the well-maintained condition of the road. To get the best rates while booking a cab, one can contact local cab operators like Manali Taxi in addition to booking via popular online portals like Ola and Uber (outstation rides).

The Routes That Can Be Taken Are
Route 1: To Manali via Bilaspur (NH 88)

Approximately 250 kilometres which are traversed within 6 hours. From Shimla to Bilaspur to Sundernagar to Mandi to Kotla to Kullu and to Manali.

Route 2: To Manali via Narkanda.

Approximately 300 kilometres which are traversed in 8 hours. From Shimla to Narkanda to Behna-Kingal to Kotla to Kullu and to Manali.

Road Conditions  
Travelling via the NH 88 which eventually merges into the NH 21 is in relatively good condition, but one may face difficulty in visibility due to foggy conditions (if prevalent). Be sure to check the news before heading out on your travels! The narrow roads on the hill generally mean that one has to drive cautiously as it is an accident-prone region.

Eating options on the way
In addition to various roadside restaurants that are frequent as one drives up to a settlement, Sunder Nagar, Mandi and Kullu are prominent establishments where one can stop to freshen up or to have a meal.

2. Shimla to Manali by Bus

Shimla to Manali by Bus

Traversing the distance of 250 kilometres within 7 hours or so sees various options in terms of the bus provider. Deluxe buses are provided by the Krishna Bus Service and the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) and generally depart in the mornings. Additional buses are provided by the state transport (HRTC) which are Non AC deluxe buses and can be booked only via the reservation counter at the bus terminal (ISBT) or the Scandal Point Counter at the Mall Road.
Available Bus Options
Timing: Departure- 21:40 PM, Arrival- 06:00 AM
Duration: 06:20 hours
Fare: INR 584

2. HPTDC (2×2 Non AC Deluxe)
Timing: Departure- 8:30 AM, Arrival- 18:00 PM
Duration: 09:30 hours
Fare: INR 480

Popular Routes to Manali

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Manali 10 hours 51 mins 537 km
Chandigarh to Manali 7 hours 25 mins 309 km
Shimla to Manali 6 hours 36 mins 248 km
Amritsar to Manali 8 hours 50 mins 399 km
Kolkata to Manali 1 day 9 hours 2,006 km
Bangalore to Manali 1 day 18 hours 2,673 km

Popular Routes from Shimla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Shimla to Manali 6 hours 36 mins 248 km
Shimla to Chandigarh 3 hours 32 mins 113 km
Shimla to Delhi 6 hours 52 mins 343 km
Shimla to Dharamshala 6 hours 29 mins 239 km
Shimla to Jammu 9 hours 11 mins 420 km
Shimla to Leh Ladakh 23 hours 11 mins 1,084 km