Shimla to Mcleodganj

   Shimla to Mcleodganj Road Distance 240 km
   Shimla to Mcleodganj Aerial Distance 153 km
  Shimla to Mcleodganj Travel Time 6 hours 29 mins

How to reach Mcleodganj from Shimla

Shimla and Mcleodganj are separated by a distance of around 238 kms that can be covered in a number of ways. The nearest airport to Shimla is in Chandigarh from where you can take a flight to Dharamshala. Or you can also travel in a bus again from Shimla to Mcleodganj in a bus which is one of the easiest ways to commute. Another very convenient way is to book a private cab or taxi from Shimla. Alternatively, you can also drive down on your own. We have compiled an elaborate list of transport mediums from Shimla to Mcleodganj. Have a look.

Knowing The Details

1. Shimla to Mcleodganj in Flight and Bus
2. Shimla to Mcleodganj in Bus
3. Shimla to Mcleodganj in a Car
4. Popular Routes to Mcleodganj
5. Popular Routes from Shimla
6. Places to Visit in Mcleodganj
7. Hotels in Mcleodganj

1. Shimla to Mcleodganj in Flight and Bus

Gaggal Airport

Although there is an airport in Dharamshala, at a distance of 10 kms from Mcleodganj. But there is none in Shimla. The nearest one is in Chandigarh which is at a distance of 113 kms from here. There are direct flights available from Chandigarh to Mcleodganj. Air India is the only operator on the route. Have a look at the flight details.
Departure Airport: Chandigarh International Airport
Arrival Airport: Gaggal Airport
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 1921
Approx. Time Taken: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Chandigarh Bus Stand

Once you land at Chandigarh, you can take a bus from here to Mcleodganj. There are several buses that run from Chandigarh to Mcleodganj at different times of the day. The total distance of 113 kms can easily be covered in 6 to 8 hours.
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 699
Approx. Time Taken: 6 hours to 8 hours

2. Shimla to Mcleodganj in Bus

Shimla Bus Stand

The easiest and the most hassle free way to reach from Shimla to Mcleodganj is in a bus. Several buses run on the route at various timings of the day. The tickets and total time taken may vary depending on the type of seats and the type of bus that you choose to travel in.
Starting Ticket Fares: INR 290
Approx. Time Taken: 9 hours to 15 hours

3. Shimla to Mcleodganj in a Car

Road to Shimla

Another easy way to travel from Shimla to Mcleodganj is in a car. There are two ways to do this also- you can book a private cab or taxi or you can also choose to drive down if you are looking for a little thrill and adventure. The roads are blessed with beautiful scenic views of the hills and lush green valleys. You can also stop on the roadside stalls to relish a steaming cup of tea and other refreshments. The total journey can be covered in around 7 hours. And the cab fares start from INR 4000 and rise up depending on the kind of car you choose.

Popular Routes to Mcleodganj

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Mcleodganj 8 hours 36 mins 477 km
Chandigarh to Mcleodganj 5 hours 9 mins 248 km
Gurgaon to Mcleodganj 9 hours 25 mins 514 km
Shimla to Mcleodganj 6 hours 29 mins 240 km
Manali to Mcleodganj 6 hours 36 mins 236 km
Mumbai to Mcleodganj 1 day 6 hours 1,897 km

Popular Routes from Shimla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Shimla to Manali 6 hours 36 mins 248 km
Shimla to Chandigarh 3 hours 32 mins 113 km
Shimla to Delhi 6 hours 52 mins 343 km
Shimla to Dharamshala 6 hours 29 mins 239 km
Shimla to Haridwar 7 hours 22 mins 286 km
Shimla to Mcleodganj 6 hours 29 mins 240 km