Shimla to Dharamsala

   Shimla to Dharamsala Road Distance 239 km
   Shimla to Dharamsala Aerial Distance 148 km
  Shimla to Dharamsala Travel Time 6 hours 29 mins

How to reach Dharamsala from Shimla

The Preferred Way of Travelling From Shimla to Dharamsala

The approximate road distance from Shimla to Dharamsala is between 237 and 302 km, depending on the chosen route and mode of transport. This journey can be fulfilled either via car or bus.

Knowing The Details

1. Shimla to Dharamsala Via Car - Self Drive/Taxi
2. Shimla to Dharamsala Via Bus
3. Popular Routes to Dharamsala
4. Popular Routes from Shimla
5. Places to Visit in Dharamsala
6. Hotels in Dharamsala

1. Shimla to Dharamsala Via Car - Self Drive/Taxi

Both Shimla and Dharamshala are famous tourist destinations, and numerous modes of transportation will take you from to Dharamshala with ease. Travellers prefer roadways to cover the 236-kilometre stretch in around 6-7 hours not only for its time flexibility and halting options but also for the opportunity to witness the sceneries on the journey.

Cab Options
There are various affordable cab service providers one could choose as well. Or if you prefer, you can go online and make the booking through websites such as Gozocabs, Savaari, etc. If you are planning a budgeted trip, hiring a shared taxi is an excellent option as they work out to be cheaper if you manage to cut a good deal. Just make sure that you book the cab around ten days in advance so that you can get the most affordable rates.
Shimla to Dharamshala Route
This route will take you through a total of around 270 kilometres after exiting from Shimla via the Bilaspur route. Following this, you will pass through Kangra, which is about 230 kilometres away from Shimla and then drive to Dharamshala, which is another 35 kilometres ahead.
Road Conditions
The road conditions from Shimla to Dharamshala are moderate, and travellers can enjoy a comfortable road trip. For most of the journey, you will be travelling on a two-lane road with no divider.
NHAI has proposed to construct a four-lane highway to connect these two, which will reduce the distance between Shimla and Dharamshala to just 180-200 kilometres, but the construction of this highway will end only in 2021.
Approximate Time Taken
The time taken to cover the total distance between Shimla and Dharamshala will vary depending on the chosen route and the number of halts on the way. However, most travellers can complete this journey in around seven hours.
Approximate Fare for the Journey
The cab tickets for this route range between INR 9 to INR 12 per kilometre. Hiring a small car will cost you around INR 3800 to INR 4000; while for larger cars, you may even have to pay around INR 5400. If you happen to be travelling in a large group, you can book a tempo traveller for the entire group. Prices for these tempo travellers range between INR 10,000 for a nine-seater to INR 13,000 for a fifteen seater.
Eating Options En-Route
There are numerous local dhabas that you will come across while travelling from Shimla to Dharamshala. Make sure that you stop at least one of these local eating outlets to enjoy some delicious north Indian food.
Popular food joints on this route include:
  • Bob Dhaba, Kangra
  • The Abhis Dhaba, Kangra
  • Amritsari Rasoi, Palampur
Possible Stopovers on the Way
The route from Shimla to Dharamshala is filled with numerous places of tourist interest. Do try and stop at one or more of those to witness the local culture and architecture more closely.

-Kangra Fort
-Masroor Rock Cut Temple
-Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory
-Saurabh Van Vihar nature park

2. Shimla to Dharamsala Via Bus

Another convenient option that travellers have to reach Dharamshala from Shimla is to opt to travel by bus. Not only is this an economical means of travel, but it also gives travellers the freedom to sit back and enjoy the ride. Various buses ply regularly from Shimla to Dharamsala; hence, travellers can choose bus timings at their convenience.

Available Bus Services
There are, however, only state-operated buses that ply on this route. Presently, there are no private operators that offer their services from Shimla to Dharamshala. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) owned by the state government is the most reliable road transport service and is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly ride.

HRTC Buses
Eight HRTC buses operate everyday. The average time taken to complete the journey via HRTC is around 8 hours; depending on various road, weather and other external factors.
HRTC Buses on the Route
Of the total eight buses on this route, only 1 is a Luxury AC Minibus, 1 is a HIMGAURAV 2+2 AC bus, while others are ordinary or ordinary express buses. The first bus to leave from Shimla departs at 07:00 in the morning, while the last bus for the day leaves at 21:30. Various other buses run in between these hours as well. The bus fares for these buses start from INR 429 and then increase depending on the bus that you choose. 
Boarding Point in Shimla
All buses operated by HRTC start from the Shimla ISBT in Tutikandi.
Dropping Point in Dharamshala
After the completion of the journey, travellers can get off at the Dharamshala Bus Stand.
Bus Types Plying from Shimla to Dharamshala
There are various kinds of buses that operate between Shimla and Dharamshala, and travellers are free to choose a coach that suits their timings and budget. These buses include:
1. Ordinary buses
2. Regular express buses
3. HIMGAURAV 2+2 AC buses
4. Luxury AC Mini Buses
Bus Timings
Buses that leave in the morning depart at 07:00, 9:40, 10:12 and 11:16. There are afternoon buses also that leave for Dharamshala at 14:30 and 16:30, and then there are night buses that leave at 18:40 and 21:30. The minimum time taken to complete this journey is 6. 5 hours, while the maximum time taken is around 10 hours and 20 minutes.
Approximate Fare
The minimum fare from Shimla to Dharamshala in an HRTC bus is INR 429 (ordinary buses), while the maximum fare can go to INR 618 for the AC buses.
Booking HTRC Bus Tickets
Tickets sell out pretty fast, especially in the peak season, so it is best to book your ticket at least a week in advance. You can go online to the official HRTC website to book a ticket for yourself or seek help from a trusted travel website.

Popular Routes to Dharamsala

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Amritsar to Dharamsala 4 hours 0 mins 202 km
Shimla to Dharamsala 6 hours 29 mins 239 km
Chandigarh to Dharamsala 5 hours 9 mins 247 km
Delhi to Dharamsala 8 hours 35 mins 476 km
Manali to Dharamsala 6 hours 33 mins 235 km

Popular Routes from Shimla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Shimla to Manali 6 hours 36 mins 248 km
Shimla to Chandigarh 3 hours 32 mins 113 km
Shimla to Delhi 6 hours 52 mins 343 km
Shimla to Dharamshala 6 hours 29 mins 239 km
Shimla to Haridwar 7 hours 22 mins 286 km
Shimla to Mcleodganj 6 hours 29 mins 240 km

Top Hotels In Dharamsala