How To Reach Manado

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How to Reach Manado

Visitors usually opt for air travel to get to the city. The Sam Ratulangi International Airport is a fairly new facility built for travellers that mostly pour in from neighbouring places like Thailand and Australia, and also from Singapore. Air Asia does not operate at the airport, but flights like Silk Air from Singapore, Garuda from Jakarta, Makassar etc. frequently fly to and from Manado. Domestic flights from Surabaya, Bali, Papua etc. are also available. Visitors can hire taxis from the airport, which takes around half an hour to reach central Manado. Taxi fares are highly bargainable, so it is advisable to try for cheaper prices while travelling within the city.

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Manado - Beautiful City Surrounded by Mountainous Area
 Ban Hin Kiong temple - Most Famous Temple in Manado
Hill of Love - Also Called as Bukit Kasih

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