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The southernmost atoll in Maldives, Addu Atoll is a beautiful yet secluded place that is famous amongst tourists. Gan Island, in turn, is the southernmost island that forms a part of the Addu Atoll, making it the southernmost island of Maldives as well. The glorious island is home to many activities ranging from water sports, snorkelling and diving to local heritage and cultural experiences as well as high-end resorts. Gan island is one of the few places in Maldives that brings forth a perfect fusion of luxury and the island culture it is known for.

Although the Island is as far 541 kilometres from the capital of Male, the Gan International Airport has made it easily accessible. This is one of the charms of the island as reaching it is no hassle and yet it is miles away from other islands in the Maldives, giving it is a private, isolated feel.

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Things to Do in Gan Island


Addu Atoll, like most other places in the Maldives, is famous for the vast number of water sports that it offers. Another main attraction that has tempted the tourists since the very beginning is exploring the underwater marine life by snorkelling and scuba diving.

1. Snorkelling: Due to the surrounding reefs of Gan Island, the place is one of the most famous places in the Maldives to go snorkelling. Gan Island Reef, the snorkelling point, provides individuals with an unforgettable experience observing the millions of different reef fish that frequent the place.

2. Scuba Diving: The corals here are also incredibly unique as they are as colourful as they come due to no bleaching taking place. This, along with the shipwrecks that you are sure to see during scuba diving, due to the rich history of the island, makes Gan Island Reef and subsequently Gan Island a great place to visit.

3. Island Hopping: While visiting Gan Island, individuals can also hop over to the other parts of the Atoll whose four main islands are joined by a 10-mile long causeway. The atoll is home to beautiful sites such as the Maradhoo-Hankede border known for its sunsets or the narrow patches of land where you can see the sea of both sides.

4. Cycling: Cycling through the atoll and taking in sites and local cultures is a great way to spend a day while staying at Gan Island.

5. History: Pop over to Meedhoo and Hulhudhoo to gain insight into the heritage of Addu Atoll and its unique history.

6. You can also visit the mangrove forests which are best suited for nature enthusiasts.

How To Reach Gan Island

Travelling by flight to the Gan International Airport is the best and most easily accessible alternative for reaching Gan Island. However, several cargo ships, as well as other ships from Male, also travel to the atoll frequently, though the journey through water might take a few days.

In-land transport: While travelling from one attraction to another it is best to use the cycles provided by the resort or the motorcycles that can be rented from kiosks.

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