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Situated at the southernmost tip of the Maldivian archipelago is the largest island of the nation, Fuvahmulah. Perfect for everyone who wishes to explore a paradisiacal place on earth, this island pulls people towards it just as the moon pulls the waves to its direction, and away from the white, sandy shore of the beach. With a beautiful blend of serenity and beauty, the picturesque Fuvahmulah Island casts a spell on its tourists and makes them want to stay there forever. For people who want to dive into a world full of activities, as well as for those who just want to laze around and relax, Fuvahmulah is the right place to be!

The scenic, natural beauty of this place is bound to take your breath away. With lush green mingling with the yellow of the dried leaves and the brown of the barks blending with the golden sand, Fuvamulah appears to be a place out of a picture that one painted in their imagination. However, it is not solely spectacular natural beauty that will make it your favourite vacation spot. The mouthwatering cuisine of this place, dominated by scrumptious seafood, is also responsible for enhancing the spellbinding charm that this place has mastered.

Exploring Fuvamulah Island

Fuvamulah Maldives

The magnificent island of Fuvamulah is exceptionally fertile and is responsible for the production of the best quality fruits and vegetables in the island nation. The enrapturing orchards and the green fields invite the visitors to take a leisurely stroll through them, while the bustling city life is a repository of activities. The gorgeous Island is a perfect balance of the natural and the manmade. While the sunny beaches and the turquoise waters will soothe your soul, the hired bike rides in the city are sure to awaken a new side in you - an unfamiliar, adventurous side.

For history buffs, the main city has in store quite a few ancient structures and old monuments which act as genuine relics and stand as witnesses to the long years that have come and gone. The traditional harbour of this island, named Aruffanno, is a place worthy of a quick visit. You can also go to Thoondu, the white sandy beach which draws in a large number of visitors on a regular basis. For the ones looking for beautiful, ancient architectural styles in old monuments, the Gen Miskit, which is one of the oldest structures in the city, is perfect. Adorning the island since the pre-Islamic times, it is situated in the northern part of Fuvamulah in the district of Dhadimago, along with other historically significant monuments like the Fuvamulah Havitta, which is a Buddhist Stupa. Another mesmerizing point of interest is the mouth of the magnificent lagoon, Diyarehifaando.

For satiating your appetite, head out to the Maaneyre Beeva, Pebbles Royal, or the Royal Restaurant, all of which serve delectable food. The numerous options of water sports at the beach, which include kayaking, boating, windsurfing, water scooters, snorkelling, and scuba diving, work wonders to rejuvenate your weary soul. All in all, Fuvamulah is a complete package and an amazing one at that!

The Fuvamulah Island is a sight to see with its luxurious resorts, clear blue waters, bright blue sky, and the lush green vegetation. The freshness in the air and the pleasant climate only add to its ethereal charm, and its tranquillity is something that everyone craves for. For all who are planning a vacation to the Maldives, a trip to the Fuvamulah is an absolute must.

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